[Global Map] Season 15: Rules & Regulations

Global Map Season 15 is on its way to you, Commanders!

As part of our continuing efforts to improve your experience on the Global Map, we'll be exploring a slightly different approach to Season mechanics this time round.

Battles will be played on a single Tier X Front with a Seasonal leaderboard, and while province income will be greatly reduced, clans will be able to earn more gold through clan tasks. These tasks will be available throughout the Season, and can be repeated as many times as you and your clan are able.

And as always, the best players will be rewarded with styles, emblems, and medals, among other rewards. In addition, those seeking to jazz up your vehicles' exteriors will be happy to learn that the popular Workshop mechanic from Global Map events will be available this Season, and will allow you to craft the camouflage patterns and projection decal sets of your choice.

Be sure to muster your clan members and ready yourselves for an exciting and rewarding campaign!

Season dates: 15 Sep 2020, 05:00 UTC +8 - 27 Nov 2020, 05:00 UTC +8
Ceasefire: Sundays 05:00 UTC +8 - Tuesdays 05:00 UTC +8 (starting 20 Sep)

About the Workshop

Throughout the Season, you will have access to the Workshop where you can produce camouflage patterns and sets of projection decals using various resources earned after battles on the Global Map.

The amount of resources you get from each battle is the same for all team members and depends on the following factors:

  • Battle outcome: You will earn more resources for a victory than a defeat.
  • Number of enemy vehicles destroyed: The more enemy vehicles destroyed, the more resources earned (vehicles destroyed at the end of the battle are counted, irrespective of who destroyed them).

Here are the items you can produce in the Workshop during Season 15:

  • Clan Elite camouflage (summer)
  • Rocky Desert camouflage (desert)
  • Winter Forest camouflage (winter)
  • Set of pin-up decals

Camouflage patterns produced in the Workshop will be credited to your account immediately after production (3 items per nation, 33 items in total). Decals produced will also be credited instantly, in sets of 3 items for each decal. You can make as many items as you wish!

How it Works

Interactive image. Produce the Clan Elite camouflage (summer) using components constructed from resources. Click to construct a missing resource using Scrap, then use the resources to produce a component.
Components for Production
Painting Booth
0 / 1
Painting Patterns
2 / 2
1 / 1
1 / 1
Resources for Producing Components
5 / 6
7 / 7
4 / 4
Scrap: 120 / 100

Scrap is the base resource that can be used to instantly produce other types of resources in the Workshop: solvents, materials, and tools.

These resources are then used to assemble components: painting booth, painting patterns, paints, and primers. Conversely, all components can instantly be disassembled back into resources, but the amount of resources you get back will be smaller than the amount spent on assembly.

Finally, the assembled components are used to produce camouflage patterns or decals. Only one item can be produced at a time, but you can queue items for production and reorder/remove them from the queue at will. If you remove an item from the queue (including items currently being assembled), its component resources will be returned to the Depot in full. You can check the battle log in the Workshop to see the amount of resources earned in all battles since the start of the Season.

The Workshop will be available until the end of the Season (27 November, 05:00 UTC +8), after which all unused resources and components will be removed from your account.

Clan Wars Rules


Clan Wars activities include, but are not limited to: Global Map seasons, Global Map events, Global Map campaigns, Stronghold Skirmishes/Advances modes, and other in-game activities related to inter-clan competition.

These rules will apply to all active clans involved in Clan Wars activities, and may be revised at any time as necessary, without prior notice.

Rules updated as of June 2019.

Clan Wars Violations

The following actions/behaviour are prohibited and are considered Clan Wars violations. Please send a ticket to the Support Center under the "Clan Wars" category to report:

  1. Account-sharing in Clan Wars
    1. Sharing an account with 1 or more players
    2. Use of an account shared by other player(s)
  2. Use of multiple accounts to participate in any Clan Wars-related activities, which includes but is not limited to:
    1. Use of 2 or more accounts to participate in Global Map battles during the same event, season, campaign, or Clan Tournament
    2. Use of 2 or more accounts to operate multiple clans on the Global Map or in a Clan Tournament
    3. Use of 2 or more accounts in Clan Wars activities to gain unfair advantage for any clan or individual player account
  3. Designating a fake/dummy account as clan commander or clan officer
  4. Abusive gameplay
  5. Rigging battles / fake battles
  6. Mass bidding on Global Map, while
    1. Failing to participate in the battles of won bids
    2. Attempting to gain unfair advantages for own/other clans (to be determined at the discretion of WG staff)
  7. Multiple team-kill, suicide, AFK (including leaving battle before the battle ends) incidents in one or more consecutive Clan Wars battles
  8. Any other actions considered inappropriate in Clan Wars (to be determined at the discretion of WG staff)

All reports MUST contain at least one of the following before any investigation may be undertaken:

  • Screenshots related to the violation or player/clan action (full image, no editing)
  • Battle replays related to the violation or player/clan action
  • Message logs related to the violation or player/clan action (image format)

Personal Violations

The following actions/behaviour are considered personal violations and will NOT be investigated by Clan Wars management staff. Please send a ticket to the Support Center under the "Rule Violations" category to report:

  • Use of prohibited mods (including botting)
  • Abusive in-game chat/PMs
  • Individual suicide in a Clan Wars battle (note: individual team-kill & AFK incidents will automatically be covered by the in-game penalty system)
  • Any in-game rule violation which is not related to Clan Wars

Clan Treasury Payout Limitations

Currency Daily Limit per Player
Gold 5,000 
Bonds 2,000 

Wargaming Asia reserves the right to request battle replays, screenshots, or other related information, and may make rulings at its own discretion if these are not supplied in a timely manner. We strongly encourage you to keep Battle Recordings enabled in the game settings at all times!

Any reports regarding cheating or game rule violations should be submitted to Player Support by 30 November, 05:00 UTC +8.


Season Information

  • General
  • Victory Points
  • Map Pool
  • Seasonal Leaderboard Rewards
  • Battle Format: 15v15, Tier X
  • Prime Time: 16:00 to 23:00 UTC +8.
  • Provinces
    • Regular, auction, and landing provinces will be available on the Global Map.
    • There will be a total of 120 provinces on the map with ~20% landing and ~5% auction provinces.
    • The battlefield is divided into zones with various levels of income.
  • Penalties are ON.
  • “Fog of War” is ON.
  • Alliances are OFF.
  • Clan operations are ON.
  • Revolts are ON.
  • Vehicle Lock: 36 hours
  • Province Income Cap: ON
    • Only the 12 lowest-income provinces connected to the clan's HQ will be counted.
  • Influence and Divisions
    • Division cost
      • 1st - 5th: 200 Influence
      • 6th & 7th: 500 Influence
      • 8th & 9th: 1000 Influence
      • 10th onwards: 5000 Influence
    • Division upkeep is free.
    • Division modules are enabled for strategic effect.
  • Landing Tournaments and Auctions
    • Number of landing tournament applicants: 16.
    • Maximum number of active landing applications per clan: 6 (Clan must have at least 90 members who own a Tier X vehicle)
    • Clans owning provinces cannot land on the Global Map.
    • Clans can attack landing provinces by land.
    • The province owner participates only in the Final Battle with the winner of the challengers' tournament on their own province. Applicable to landing provinces, auction provinces, and attacks from adjacent territories.
  • First day of the Season
    • All Global Map provinces will be landing provinces on the first day of the Season. At the end of Prime Time, provinces will switch to the main mode as per the general rules of the Season.
    • Number of applications for landing tournaments on the first day of the Season: 32
    • If a battle for a landing province ends in a draw, it will be counted as a defeat for both challengers.
  • Clans will be awarded Victory Points equal to the gold they have earned from province income and quests.
  • Battle Victory Points will be calculated according to a fixed base value (Victory_points_base = 50), using different multipliers for different types of Global Map battles:



    All battles within Challengers' tournament on Landing Provinces


    Battles between Contenders on regular or auction Provinces


    Battles against Province owner on any type of Province




    < = 1000


    1001 - 1050


    1051 - 1100


    1101 - 1150


    1151 - 1200


    1201 - 1250


    1251 - 1300


    1301 - 1350


    1351 - 1400


    1401 - 1450




  • Penalty system:
    Number of no-show Battles over 7 Days
    1 Warning

    10% deduction of Clan Victory Points
    10% deduction of Clan Influence Points

    3 25% deduction of Clan Victory Points
    20% deduction of Clan Influence Points
    50% reduction in available Clan Landing Applications
    > 3 50% deduction of Clan Victory Points
    30% deduction of Clan Influence Points
    100% reduction in available Clan Landing Applications
  • Abbey
  • Ensk
  • Highway
  • Karelia
  • Live Oaks
  • Mines
  • Pearl River
  • Redshire
  • Sand River
  • Steppes
  • Westfield
  • Cliff
  • Fisherman's Bay
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Lakeville
  • Malinovka
  • Murovanka
  • Prokhorovka
  • Ruinberg
  • Serene Coast
  • Tundra
Medal Clan Style
Tactical Number Inscriptions
Projection Decals Pin-up Decals

Winner of the Fifteenth Season 1st Class

Clan Urban & Vanquisher





Winner of the Fifteenth Season 2nd Class


Winner of the Fifteenth Season 3rd Class

4 - Top 10%

Season Elite

Top 10% - 50%

Season Veteran

Clan Urban


Top 50% - 75% - -



Position Bonds Industrial Resource
1 90,000 1,000,000
2 75,000 1,000,000
3 60,000 1,000,000
4 52,500 500,000
5 45,000 500,000
6 37,500 500,000
7 30,000 500,000
8 22,500 500,000
9 15,000 300,000
10 7,500 300,000
11-20 3,750 200,000
21-30 2,250 100,000
31-50 1,500 100,000


  • In order to receive rewards, the player must be a member of a clan and participate in at least 5 Global Map battles for that clan during the Season. Leaving the clan mid-Season will reset the battle counter.
  • One of each style will be added per account.
  • Six participation emblems, six decals, and six emblems will be added per account.

What's Next?

Once Season 15 is over, the Global Map will be frozen, and Influence accumulated over the season will be reset.

Good luck, and may the best clan conquer the Global Map!