Global Map: Iron Age Event Recap

Those battles were seriously intense! We hope you enjoyed your Global Map battles during the Iron Age event.

Here's a recap of how the event concluded and which clans emerged with the best campaign results.

Read on for more statistics from the event!

Top Clans












Important Dates and Times

  • August 04: Leaderboard is closed; bonds Auction will be open until August 18 at 05:00 UTC+8.
  • Fame Points exchange for Personal Rewards and The Workshop will be available until the end of the Fame Points reward exchange period (August 18, 05:00 UTC+8), after which all unused Resources will be removed.
  • August 05: Invoicing of 2D and 3D styles, customizations, and medals begins.

Dates subject to change as necessary.

Tip: Make sure to pick your most desired reward first (for example, one of the six Tier X reward tanks) to avoid dropping below the required number of Fame Points when shopping for other goodies.

Event Statistics

Most Active Clans

Ranking CLAN Battles
1 [91TOP] 876
2 [PANDA] 829
3 [L1ME] 796
4 [F-S] 727
5 [SEKAI] 707

Most Successful Clans

1 [SEKAI] 448
2 [PANDA] 431
3 [L1ME] 426
4 [91TOP] 404
5 [LEM0N] 387

Total Number of Battles Played: 12,869

Total Number of Tanks Destroyed: 206,898

Fair Play

During the event, a total of 102 accounts have been penalized for using illegal mods or engaging in misconduct; of these, 28 accounts have been permanently banned.

These accounts will be removed from the Iron Age Global Map event leaderboard prior to reward distribution. 
If you believe you have been incorrectly banned by the recent wave, you may contact Player Support here.

To avoid falling afoul of future ban waves, be sure to only use the verified mods from the official World of Tanks Mod Hub in your game! If you'd like a deeper understanding of what is considered cheating or exploiting in World of Tanks, please read the detailed Fair Play Policy.

Iron Age may have ended, but the clash continues with the upcoming Clan Showdown tournament! All clans are welcome to try their luck in the open Qualifiers, after which they'll have a chance to face off against the top two clans from the Iron Age leaderboard in the Group Stage.

Lots of gold, bonds, and exclusive clan styles and badges are up for grabs, so don't miss your chance to register by August 5, 23:59 UTC+8 and beat your rivals in combat!

Roll Out!