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Global Map 2.0 to release on 18 August

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders!

We are pleased to announce that on 18 August at 06:00 UTC+8, a new Global Map will be opened officially!

The Global Map's Open Beta Test has been going on for over two months. Thanks to your active participation and feedback, major changes in functionality have been made and now the clans will fight for world domination on a whole new level.

What changes new Global Map will bring to clans?

Fronts for VI, VIII and X tier tanks

The global map will be divided into regions called Fronts. Each Front will have a custom border, a set of provinces, battle rules and a specific vehicle Tier range. Unlike the old Map, clans will be able to choose which vehicle tier to fight on. Each Front will also have their own battle format according to the vehicle tiers. Thus, clans that have previously only dreamed of landing on the Global Map without using top-tier tanks will now be able to do this, even with lower tiered vehicles.

The new global map will be launched with following Fronts:

  • Southern Front - Tier VI vehicles
  • Central Front - Tier VIII vehicles
  • Nothern Front - Tier X vehicles

These Fronts will cover the territory between the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. In comparison with open beta test, the number of provinces on the Global Map will be increased and will consist of more than 2 000 provinces. This number of provinces is not final and will grow according to game activity on the Map.

Influence - new game currency

In order to fight and perform other operations on the Map, clans will need to gather influence. To get Influence, a clan will have to destroy enemy divisions on the Global map or to participate in Skirmishes in Strongholds. Influence may be used in Auction participation, in purchasing and equipping divisions, and increasing provinces' profitability.

Land on the Global Map with new Auctions functionality

On Global Map 2.0, a new and unique format to capture provinces will be introduced – Auction. During an Auction, clans are able to use their Influence to place bids for the right to fight with the province owner. A clan who has no provinces in possession will be able to apply for participation in landing Auction on any province (except landing provinces) and if the clan wins the Auction a battle with province owner will be planned. This functionality significantly reduces the time required for capturing territories, unlike the old Map, where clans have had to spend much time for landing and capturing provinces.

From now on, no clan can feel completely safe!

Create divisions and seize provinces

In place of usual chips, a new tactical unit comes - a division that does not depend on the number of clan members. Now you don’t need to keep inactive players in the clan, nor are you required to move one chip to whole roster. Additionally, you can also be sure that any battles appointed will take place without fail. Divisions will be acquired for Influence earned in battles on the Global Map and Strongholds. In addition, each division will be equipped with special modules, giving a variety of advantages.

Increase profitability of your provinces

By using Influence, clans will be able to improve captured provinces and get more game gold. Now your province income will depend on your willingness to upgrade your provinces, the amount of resources for improvement and the success of your clan on the Global Map - the more your clan wins (increasing your ELO-rating in the process), the more income you will receive from your province!

The new Global Map will give you vast new opportunities in Clan wars! Land on the Map, conquer territories and increase their income - be the first among equals!