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Global Map 2.0: First Details

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders!

The release of Global Map 2.0 is getting closer and it's now time to pull back the veil of secrecy. Read on to find out more about the changes that will be implemented soon!

Primary Changes

During the development of the new Global Map, one of our most important tasks was to fix some of the main problems players faced in the current version.

  • More provinces, more space
    • The new Global Map will have a more flexible architecture, allowing us to easily extend the map and add up to ten times more provinces than the default amount!
  • Better Landing opportunities
    • In the current version of the Global Map, each clan must pass a landing tournament to capture the province. With no room for error in execution, clans consequently spend a lot of time on battles that ultimately might not guarantee success.
    • The new Global map on the other hand, in addition to a larger number of provinces, will also introduce a new way of getting on the map. However, the original of entering the Global Map by passing the landing tournaments will still remain.
  • Different max vehicle tiers for different provinces
    • Global Map 2.0 will also have regions with different vehicle tier restrictions, similar to Skirmish battles and featuring a maximum tier level of either 6, 8 or 10. Of course, the income and opportunities provided by the provinces will also vary accordingly.
  • A more engaging battleground
    • With the exception of past campaigns and other gaming events, which are held less frequently due to current architectural features, the current version of the Global Map does not offer clans with end-game goals to achieve.
    • Because Global Map 2.0 utilises a completely new architecture, a seasonal element will soon be possible, where clans will have the opportunity to compete for special prizes each season.

Other innovations

Chips no longer needed; replaced by divisions

A division is a fully equipped battle unit with a necessary number of tanks that does not depend on the number of members in the clan. With divisions, there will be no need to keep inactive players in clan roster for large operations or to move one chip to a complete roster. Aside from that, you'll always know that if the battle was appointed it will take place.

Dividing the map into fronts

Regions will give way to Fronts, each of which will have a custom border, set of provinces, battle rules, available vehicle tiers or even a set of specific tanks. Each clan will be able to choose a convenient front.

New currency for the Global map - "Influence"

To participate in battles, clans will need 'Influence' which will be used for almost all operations on the map, including:

  • Landing on the map without participating in landing tournaments
  • Purchasing and maintaining divisions as well as augmenting them with additional modules
  • Investing in provinces to raise their income
  • Ability to protect the province from enemy clans under certain conditions

Influence can be obtained in two ways:

  1. By participating in battles on the Global Map. Destroying enemy divisions - will confer part of its value to the winner;
  2. Participation in Stronghold Skirmishes, which in addition to Industrial resources will bring influence, the amount of which will depend on division.

Implementing the Influence mechanic will allow clans to depend less on a limited number of chips and their freeze time. At the same time, clans will also have the opportunity to self-regulate their activity on the map. Influence also can be accumulated that will provide the opportunity to plan long-term operations and prepare the necessary number of new currency in Skirmishes in advance.

Do pay attention to the fact that influence is only available as an in-game currency; it cannot be purchased for game gold and exchanged for Industrial resource or credits.

New interface and visual component

In addition to the technical changes and new mechanics, the map itself will also be dramatically reworked, both visually and in terms of convenience. Map navigation will be more convenient with the aid of new information, flexible filters, as well as a tooltips system.

Want to see what the future of the Global Map looks like? Check out the work-in-progress screenshots below for an idea of what's coming to you soon.


Displaying fronts on the Global Map.

Displaying prime-times on the Global Map.

A view of the provinces without filters.

A view of clan-controlled provinces.

A view of province incomes.

The auction menu.

Applying for landing tournaments.

A zoomed-out view of the Global Map.