Fog of War in Tier VI Skirmishes


We will be testing the implementation of the Fog of War feature from Apr 30 through May 14, so please note that all Tier VI Skirmish battles occurring during this period will have it enabled.

This means that at the beginning of the battle, both teams will have no information about the strength and location of the enemy forces until they detect each other in battle, so be careful out there!

We encourage you to participate in as many Skirmish battles as you can and share your feedback on this feature. Your feedback will help make this mode a more compelling experience for everyone!

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Keen to enter your first Skirmish? Watch the video below to learn more about creating your own detachments and joining Skirmish battles!

How to Join Skirmishes


All you need to do to play is:

  1. Select battle type Stronghold: Battles, or click Stronghold on the game menu, followed by Clan Battles.

  2. Create your detachment – you can form one with your clan mates, or invite Legionnaires to join you.
  3. Choose Division VI Skirmishes, and then once your Detachment members are all set, click Battle! to join the Skirmish queue.

And that's all there is to it! We can't wait to meet you on the battlefield, so don't miss this chance to test your mettle with us, Commanders!