[Live Stream] Dawn of Industry Clan Showdown: APAC vs NA!

It's time for the strongest Dawn of Industry clans from APAC and NA to fight for the glory of their regions, live on stream on Sunday, 22 March. Who will emerge triumphant?

ATLUS (1st Place in APAC)

Elo Rating: 1,335
Clan Fame Points: 10,101,001

MAHOU (1st Place in NA)

Elo Rating: 1,628
Clan Fame Points: 4,932,393


We'll be giving away the unique new Lava Ocean style during the show too, so be sure to tune in for your chance to win!


Watch Live

Hosted by Napalmer & Ravvi

22 March 2020
11:00 UTC +8 / 14:00 UTC +11

Match Rules

  • Tier Points: 150
  • Match Format: Standard Battle (Clan Wars), BO13 (10 minutes per battle)
  • Team Roster: 15 players
  • Map Pool:
    • Karelia (played on NA server)
    • Steppes (NA)
    • Himmelsdorf (APAC)
    • Sand River (APAC)
    • Malinovka (NA)
    • Fisherman's Bay (APAC)
    • Murovanka (Tie-breaker)

Watch & Win!

Want to be the proud owner of this eye-catching new Lava Ocean style? You'll have to catch the stream to find out how you can get your hands on it!

Save the date and get ready to witness a battle of titans!