Get Reward Vehicles on the Global Map!


Prepare yourselves for 14 days of Global Map fun! Let's have a look at the reward vehicles for the upcoming "Iron Age" event!

How to Get a Reward Vehicle

Participation is the first step to a shiny new Tier X. While that does not guarantee a reward, getting your hands on one of them is not impossible.

  • Rank within Top 1,000 in the Personal Leaderboard: The Personal Leaderboard ranking is determined by the amount of Personal Fame Points you earn during the event. Eligible players can purchase one of the reward vehicles for4,000.
  • Make a bid at the auction: Players can bid on reward vehicles at the auctions after the "Iron Age" event ends. You will need Bonds to place a bid. Only the top 600 highest bidders will be awarded with the reward vehicles. Extra resources are not required to claim your vehicle. Participants need to produce a Permit to Vehicle Auction obtained from the workshop to join the auction.
  • Purchase at the in-game shop: The  X M60 or  X 121B can be purchased at 15,000 each.

Note: If you obtain a reward vehicle through the Personal Leaderboard rankings and claimed it with Personal Fame Points, you will not be able to participate in the auction even if you have a Permit to Vehicle Auction. You won't need to spend resources to make a Permit to Vehicle Auction if you get your reward vehicle via Personal Leaderboard rankings.

Not sure which reward vehicle suits your playstyle? Check their characteristics below!


American Tier X Medium Tank「M60」


  • Very high mobility
  • Maximum HEAT shell penetration values of 350 for a Tier X medium tank
  • Excellent aim time and accuracy
  • 420m view range - the highest of all vehicles


  • Large commander cupola
  • Poor camouflage values

The M60's high mobility makes it easy to take and change positions. It has excellent penetration with HEAT shells of 350 mm that can easily damage heavy tanks. Aiming at enemy weakspots is easy, and has a high hit rate even while shooting on the move or firing at moving enemies.

However, make sure to relocate after shooting! Due to its poor concealment, shooting can give away its location and enemy fire is sure to follow.


Chinese Tier X Medium Tank「121B」


  • Maximum HEAT shell penetration values of 350 for a Tier X medium tank
  • Highest possible view range of 420m
  • Good camouflage values


  • Not very mobile
  • Can encounter gun depression issues

HEAT shells are at their highest penetration value of 350 mm for medium tanks - this will allow you to damage heavy tanks and tank destroyers. Take advantage of your excellent view range and camouflage values!

Do take note of your mobility and be watch out for threats when moving around.


German Tier X Heavy Tank「VK 72.01 (K)」


  • Maximum HEAT shell penetration values for a Tier X heavy tank
  • High alpha damage
  • Turret located near the rear makes it easy to attack while positioned in a defensive angle
  • Rich HP pool


  • Weakspot at the base of the barrel
  • When angling vehicle for defence, the turret ring at the vehicle's side becomes a weakspot
  • Long loading time

This hard-hitting heavy tank has an alpha damage of 750 HP and HEAT shell penetration of 350mm. Despite having many weakspots, they are not large. Keeping a close or medium fighting range is ideal. Enemies will have a hard time dealing with its 2500 HP!


Italian Tier X Medium Tank「Carro da Combattimento 45 t」


  • Autoreloader gives it flexibility when dealing damage
  • Good alpha damage
  • Gun depression allows it to perform excellent hull-down moves


  • Poor aiming
  • Slightly long reload time

This vehicle features an autoreloader feature similar to its tech tree relative - the X Progetto M40 mod. 65 . In comparison, it has higher alpha damage and maximum DPM. This vehicle can be hard to use for long-range attacks, but can be very reliable when the situation allows it. The key to success is knowing when to conserve ammunition and when to unload all shots on an opponent.


Soviet Tier X Medium Tank「Object 907」


  • Armor is good for bouncing shots
  • Very high DPM
  • Balanced performance


  • Poor aim
  • May encounter gun depression issues

This is not just a collector's item. It's a high-performing versatile vehicle that can jump into action and pressure enemies when required. The Object 907 is a great teamplayer for both global map and random battles. Set the field modifications to your preference and you're good to go!


American Tier X Medium Tank「T95E6」


  • Top class DPM for a medium tank
  • Excellent alpha damage
  • Maximum HP for a medium tank
  • Excellent view range
  • Wide gun depression angle


  • Huge commander cupola at the top of the turret
  • Thin armor
  • Low camouflage values

Boasting top-class firepower for a medium tank, it is ideal to attack in hull-down positions. With its decently high HP, aggressive tactics can be employed.

However, the T95E6 can easily be penetrated, so, position carefully and beware of enemies while on the move. Equip a turbocharger if you need a speed boost!


Did any of the reward vehicles catch your eye? Join the "Iron Age" Global Map event to win your vehicle!

Roll out!