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The 3rd Campaign: Third Stage - "Fall of the Empires"

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders,

Clan Wars is now at its final stage of the Third Campaign, this is your last chance to rake up the Fame Points and bring glory to your Clan. In the Third Stage, the fastest way to earn Fame Points is to keep capturing provinces and attacking clans with more provinces than yours. Be prepared for war as your empire grows - there will be plenty of others plotting to bring you down.

Let's battle!


1. General Rules of the Third Campaign’s Third Stage

1.1. The third stage of the Campaign on Global Map will be called "Fall of the Empires" and will last from 06 to 14 December 2014.

1.2. In the stage vehicles of X tier inclusive can take a part.

1.3. Ransacks and Revolts enabled.

1.4. Starting from December 06, 01:00 (UTC), redivision mode will be active:

  • All provinces are available for landing.
  • Spy and Counterspy enabled.
  • Revolts disabled.
  • The maximum number of applications to participate in landings during world redivision period is 32.
  • If during landing tournament a battle with province owner ends in a draw, then the province goes into the possession of a clan-challenger.

1.5. World redivision ends on December 07, 01:00 (UTC), and after that, the Fall of the Empires rules come into force:

  • Revolts enabled.
  • Revolt probability is highly increased.
  • The maximum number of applications for landing participation is 64.

1.6. Last turn of the Third Campaign will begin on December 14 at 00:00 (UTC).

1.7. During the Third Campaign, clans can swap between the global map or leave the map at all any time. When a clan does so, they will lose all provinces on the map, but Fame Points remain.

1.8. After leaving the map, all the chips of a clan as well as its’ Headquarters will be removed from the Map and go to reserves. The chips and headquarters, which were withdrawn from the Map, will be available after 24 hours. Chips available for deploying may be applied on any map on the next turn after leaving.


2. Main Objectives of the Third Stage

2.1. During the third stage, clans can get bonuses to their fame points in two ways: by increasing the number of provinces owned or by fighting with clans who have more provinces.

2.2. Gameplay multiplier G (see. Calculation formula) in the third stage of the campaign depends on the number of clan provinces and on the difference in number of provinces owned by competing clans.

G = 1 + (N1 + N2 / N1) × 0,25

N1 - number of provinces, which owns a clan (if a clan has no provinces, N1 = 1);

N2 - number of provinces owned by enemy’s clan (if there is no provinces enemy clan has, N2 = 1).

2.3. Calculated G coefficient is rounded to one decimal place.

2.4. Coefficient G is calculated depending on the situation at the current turn, before the province moves into possession of another clan.


Clan K1 only owns the P1 province. Clan K2 owns three provinces: P2, P3 and P4. Clan K1 attacked Clan K2 on the P2 province, won the battle, and became the new owner of the province on the next turn. On the current turn, K2 is still the owner of the province, so that’s why the Fame Points multiplier will be calculated as follows:

  • When calculating Fame Points for K1 players, multiplier G should be calculated according to the formula:

N1 = 1, N2 = 3

G = 1 + (1 + 3/1) × 0,25 = 1 + 4 × 0,25 = 2

  • When calculating Fame Points for K2 players, multiplier G should be calculated according to the formula:

N1 = 3, N2 = 1

G = 1 + (3 + 1/3) × 0,25 = 1 + 3,3 × 0,25 ≈ 1,8


Thus, Fame Points of K1 players will be calculated using multiplier G=2, and Fame Points of K2 players will be calculated using multiplier 1,8.


3. Additional Tasks of the Third Stage

3.1. "Invasion": a clan who defeats an enemy that owns three or more provinces, gets 10% more fame points for the battle (in calculation formula Z = 1,1).

3.2. Starting from the first stage and until the end of the 3rd Campaign, players are available to perform landing missions. Full list and rules of performing such missions may be found in the General Regulations of the Third Campaign.

3.3. Additionally, all along the Campaign players can perform secondary and special missions, the list of which was published in the Regulations.


Fall of the Empires: Historical Reference

By the end of World War I, four empires ceased to exist: the Russian, German, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian.

During the February Revolution in 1917, the monarchy in Russia was overthrown. During the October Revolution in 1917 and the Civil War in 1918-1921, there was a total collapse of the state. On the territory of the former Russian Empire, there were up to 80 short-lived states formed. By 1924, most of this territory was united in the USSR.

As a result of German defeat in World War, their colonies were occupied and later divided among the victorious countries. On 9 November, 1918 in Germany, a revolution started, which resulted the downfall of monarchy. The outcome of the November Revolution was the foundation of the Weimar Republic.

Turkey's defeat in World War I and occupation of Constantinople and Izmir led to the beginning of the Turkish national movement. The Turkish War of Independence in 1919-1922 ended with the victory of Turks. Under the terms of a peace treaty, Turkey lost control of Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Transjordan, Lebanon and Syria, the islands in Aegean Sea and other areas. On 1 November, 1922 the sultanate was abolished. On 29 October, 1923 the Turkish Grand National Assembly announced the establishment of the Turkish Republic. On 3 March, 1924 the caliphate was also abolished.

In 1918, the economic crisis, difficult situation at the front, and neighbouring Russian Empire’s collapse lead to the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. On 6 November, Austria-Hungary ceased to exist and was proclaimed as a republic. On the territory of former empire, several new states formed: Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Republic of Austria Hungary. Other regions became a part of Romania, Yugoslavia and Italy.