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[Clan Wars] Operation Asian Typhoon [Updated]

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders,

The World of Tanks team is announcing the start of a new event–clans will meet to claim their dominance and prove their battle skills.

Make your contribution to the war efforts! Join the battle and secure your well-deserved victory!

Main Details

Operation “Asian Typhoon” will take place from 11 May at 05:00 UTC to 25 May at 05:00 UTC [Updated] and will be played in Tier VIII vehicles.

The event will be held according to the following system:

  • During the first stage, clans will be competing for provinces. According to the scenario, Fame Points will be awarded for either defending your own provinces or capturing new territories.
  • The Global Map will feature new regions, which weren’t available before. Battles will start within two Fronts in South Asia and Southeast Asia.
  • Like in previous events, each Front will have its own set of Prime Times, based on clans’ activity on the Global Map. Borderline Prime Times will be expanded.
  • To provide as many clans as possible with an opportunity to earn gold, all province income within the Operation “Asian Typhoon” Fronts will be set at 600.

Awards and Achievements

Like in previous campaigns and events, clans will be earning clan Fame Points, while individual players will be awarded personal Fame Points.

Personal Standings

The main prize for the event is 1,400 unique Tier VIII Chieftain\T95 vehicles. 

Following the results of previous events, the award vehicle system has been reconsidered: now vehicles will be awarded based on personal standings where players are rated according to the number of personal Fame Points earned. The top 1,400 players will get a unique vehicle.

Chieftain\T95 Details

Clan Rating

In Operation “Asian Typhoon”, a new clan awards system will be introduced–more than 1,500,000 units of Industrial Resource will be allocated among the top clans based on their rank at the end of the event. For more details, stay tuned for the “Asian Typhoon” Rules and Regulations.


In addition to the main prizes, players will also have a chance to earn unique medals.


The requirements for getting medals will be announced in upcoming Rules and Regulations. Stay tuned!