BananaWeewa's Campaign Diary - War Gods: Part 2

Hello, welcome back to my diary!

I will try to cover how a big clan operates during intense clan wars, set up a team, pull Fame Points during clan wars, and much more. Although I may not be able to disclose some of the clan's plans, I've been allowed to share some information. So, sit back, relax, and let's see how this clan works behind the scenes!

Being Efficient

HYDR4 has dedicated officers to perform each duty like planning battles to prevent overchipping — which means a player has more battles than they can cover. They also have HR (yes, Human Resources) to manage timings and check if players are lacking battles on a daily basis. And shot callers usually do in-game plans and oversee battles they are commanding; they will brief their team on external sites like map tactic or stratsketch

Before each battle, the caller for each room requires their team to have a Stratsketch brief.

A timetable helps officers plan battles.

Priority Mapping and Maximizing Chances to Win

I understand that in Clan Wars, especially in campaigns, every clan wishes to give every active clan member a reward they want. But sometimes, things don't go their way. 

In HYDR4, they have two main teams consisting of experienced Clan Wars veterans. These two teams will be deployed during the first day and re-landing day. Their job is to spearhead and fight the toughest enemies to get a map.

After they are able to settle down on the Global Map, Fame Points gained on landing will be used to bid in map auctions and attack nearby provinces. This gives battle opportunities for players who did not have a chance to fight in battles yet.

Sometimes we prioritize vehicle performance instead of gaining more Fame Points because we need a province.

During the first week, veteran players tend to be picked first.

Using Fame Points

In Clan Wars, each clan gets their Fame Points from battles, capturing provinces, and completing missions on the map. After they obtain Fame Points from these sources, the clan needs to plan how to use them carefully. There are two main things that most clans will use it on.

  1. Spending in landing auctions: Almost every clan that has enough Fame Points will spend on auction biddings on the Advanced and Elite fronts. The more a clan bids, the higher their chances of fighting on the upper fronts. But do remember that the competitive clans will be on these fronts too.
  2. Exchange for research points: On a certain day, the clan will receive a special exchange rate offer. Some clans may use this chance to boost their Fame Points in the future. But this also comes at a risk of a failed landing the next day. If a clan is not able to gain Fame Points back in time, this will hinder their progress and their players may receive fewer personal Fame Points due to having fewer battles.

Fame Points exchange

Making landing bids

In my next and last diary, I will share with everyone what I experienced during Clan Wars, my highs and lows, and some hardships we had to face.

Also, KaRath will review one of my best CW games too!

Stay tuned and see you in my next diary!