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[Clan Wars] 5th Campaign: 2nd Stage Regulations

Clan Wars
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Fifth Campaign Stage 2 General Rules and Regulations

  • The second stage of the Fifth Campaign will take place from 21 November 05:15 UTC+8 until 30 November 05:00 UTC+8.
  • Stage parameters:
    • All battles within Stage 2 will be played in Tier VIII vehicles.
    • Battle format: 10 × 10.
    • Battle duration: 15 minutes.
    • “Fog of War” is on.
    • Number of landing tournament participants: 32.
    • Clans that capture a province can still participate in landing tournaments.
    • Clans cannot attack landing provinces from adjacent territories.
    • Vehicle lock is off.
    • Division modules are on. Module mounting is free.
    • Auctions are off.
    • Ransacks are off.
    • Revolts are off.
    • Provinces do not provide income.
    • Raising province income is not available.
    • Province owners are not able to participate in landing tournaments, auctions, or attacks from their territories.
    • Battle time shift is off. Battle time in some provinces will be shifted for 15 minutes regarding their Prime Time.
    • The total number of provinces on the Global Map available within the stage: 147
    • The number of active tournament applications available per clan: 10
    • Division upkeep is free.
    • Penalties for no-shows are applied.
  • During Stage 2, two Fronts—“Campaign: East” and “Campaign: West”—will be available. These fronts will include different territories and will have their own Prime Times:
    • “Campaign: East”—16.00–19.00 (UTC+8); the number of provinces in the Front: 62.
    • “Campaign: West”—20.00–23.00 (UTC+8); the number of provinces in the Front: 85.
  • Stage 2 Maps
    • Abbey
    • Airfield
    • Arctic Region
    • Cliff
    • El Halluf
    • Fisherman’s Bay
    • Himmelsdorf
    • Karelia
    • Lakeville
    • Malinovka
    • Mines
    • Mountain Pass
    • Murovanka
    • Prokhorovka
    • Redshire
    • Ruinberg
    • Sand River
    • Steppes
    • Fjords
    • Siegfried Line
    • Westfield

Stage 2 Special Rules and Regulations

During Stage 2, clans will fight for groups of provinces called Enclaves. They will earn Fame Points for capturing and defending the Enclave provinces.

  • Enclaves
    • On the Global Map, there will be special provinces known as Enclaves. Clans will earn Fame Points for capturing and defending Enclaves.
    • There will be three types of Enclaves:
      • Small Enclave—includes 2 provinces with a common border.
      • Medium Enclave—includes 3 provinces with common borders.
      • Large Enclave—includes 4 provinces with common borders.
    • Every territory with a Prime Time will include Enclave provinces. Enclave positions will be unchanged throughout Stage 2.
    • Clans can capture Enclave provinces from adjacent territories only. Every Enclave province will have a common border with at least one landing province, where clans can land in and attack Enclave provinces nearby.
    • Clans will earn 500 Fame Points for capturing and defending an Enclave province. A province will be considered captured or held after battles for that province have finished, even if the Headquarters hasn’t been established there. If a clan captures all provinces in an Enclave, it will get a bonus for Enclave capture. The bonus for capturing and holding an Enclave will be added to the Enclave owner’s account after Prime Times end in all provinces of that Enclave. For this, a clan must be the owner of those Enclave provinces at the moment when battles for them are finished.
       Clan Fame Points
      Bonus for capturing a Small Enclave 2,000
      Bonus for capturing a Medium Enclave 5,000
      Bonus for capturing a Large Enclave 20,000
      For instance, a clan will earn 22,000 Fame Points (4 х 500 + 20,000) for capturing an Enclave that includes four provinces.

Personal Fame Points

  • During Stage 2, Fame Points will be awarded following the formula below:
  • Fame_PointsFame Points
  • Fame_points_base—stage Fame Points coefficient—700
  • Battle_type_cbattle type coefficient
  • Event_value_c—game type coefficient
  • Еlo_c Elo rating coefficient equal to the Elo rating in Tier VIII
  • Team_XPexperience earned by a team in a battle
  • Battle_XP—total experience earned by both participating teams during a battle
  • Team_size—team size set by the event requirements—10
  • Battle Type Coefficient (Battle_type_c)
    Battle TypeCoefficient
    A landing tournament 1
    A battle for a province 5
    A battle for a province with its owner 5
  • Event_value_c
    Province TypeCoefficient
    Tournament provinces 1
    Small Enclave Province 1
    Medium Enclave Province 1.25
    Large Enclave Province 1.5
  • Elo Rating Coefficient (Elo_c)
    Opponent Clan’s Elo RatingElo_c
    <=1,000 1.0
    1,001–1,050 1.1
    Opponent Clan’s Elo RatingElo_c
    1,051–1,100 1.2
    1,101–1,150 1.3
    1,151–1,200 1.4
    1,201–1,250 1.5
    1,251–1,300 1.6
    1,301–1,350 1.7
    1,351–1,400 1.8
    1,401–1,450 1.9
    1,451+ 2.0
  • Clans earn the same number of Fame Points per battle as any of its members that participated in a battle. For instance, clan A members earned 36 personal Fame Points in a battle. This clan will also earn 36 clan Fame Points.

    Important! Fake battles are also considered a rule violation and will be punished with the full withdrawal of a clan and personal Fame Points, and game account suspension.

    In disputed situations for crediting Fame Points (suspected match fixing, etc.), the game administration retains the right to request a battle record, screenshots and other information relating to this situation. If the requested information is not provided, the administration reserves the right to impose sanctions on the potential offenders. We strongly recommend that you turn on the option to “Record battles” (battle replays) in the Settings menu.