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[Clan Wars] 5th Campaign Announcement

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders,

The World of Tanks team is announcing the start of the Fifth Campaign, the most anticipated event on the Global Map! Battling for the top prizes—unique Tier X vehicles—clans will pass through three stages with different scenarios. To win the ultimate clan event of the year, spare no effort and claim your rightful place among the best on the Global Map.

Campaign Stages

The Fifth Campaign starts on 11th November @ 05:15 UTC+8 and will traditionally consist of three stages:

  1. The First Stage: This stage will be played in Tier VI vehicles.
  2. The Second Stage: This stage will be played in Tier VIII vehicles.
  3. The Third Stage: This stage will be played in Tier X vehicles.

Each clan is presented with various clan tasks and challenges. Each stage will be followed by a short break, so that clan members can gather their strength for the next stage. The playing area and Front size will be different during each Campaign stage.

Note: During the Fifth Campaign, Season Fronts for all Tiers will be suspended.

Fame Points

For completing the main and additional tasks, clans and clan members will receive Fame Points. Personal and clan Fame Points are counted separately, which allows separate ranking for clans, and individual players to see their personal contribution to the result. Earning personal Fame Points, players will compete for the main Campaign prizes—unique Tier X vehicles. Clans will struggle on the Global Map for the top places rating and for clan awards: gold and clan licenses for prize vehicles.

Awards and Achievements

The grand prize for the Fifth Campaign is ­1,400 Tier X vehicles. Top players will be able to choose which tank they are awarded with.

Five Tier X vehicles are to be selected from; top players will be able to choose one of the following, provided they do not have the same vehicle in their Garages at the end of the Fifth Campaign:

  • Chinese MT 121B (will be awarded for the first time on the Global Map)
  • American MT Т95Е6
  • Soviet MT Obj. 907
  • German HT VK 72.01(K)
  • American MT М60

The top 2,100 players will also receive an extra winter camouflage applicable to any vehicle in the Garage.

Vehicles will be awarded based on the Fifth Campaign personal standings and according to the number of licenses earned by the top clans. For more details on the award system, check out the Fifth Campaign rules and regulations that will be disclosed soon.

Also, the top clans will get gold according to their rank in the Fifth Campaign clan rating.

In addition to vehicles and gold, players will have a chance to earn exclusive Fifth Campaign medals.

Stay updated with the news for more information about the Fifth Campaign coming soon!