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Clan Wars: 4th Campaign - Snake's Fang

Clan Wars
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1. Fourth Campaign Stage 3 Rules

1.1. Stage 3 of the Fourth Campaign is called "The Snake’s Fang" and will take place from 26 January 05:00 UTC+8 through 5 February 05:00 UTC+8.

1.2. Stage parameters:

  • All battles within the stage will be played in Tiers IX-X.
  • Battle format:15 × 15.
  • Battle duration: 15 minutes.
  • “Fog of War” is on.
  • Number of landing tournament participants: 64.
  • Vehicle lock is off.
  • Division modules are off.
  • Auctions are on.
  • Income on all provinces is 600 per day.
  • Raising province income within the Campaign Front is not available.
  • The total number of provinces available on the Global Map: 90
  • The number of landing provinces: 22
  • Clans that already own provinces can still participate in landing tournaments.
  • Number of active tournament applications available during a Prime Time: 4.
  • Penalties for no-shows are applied.

1.3. Stage 3 of the Fourth Campaign will take place in South America.

  • Campaign East Front: 16:00, 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00 (UTC+8). Total provinces: 22.
  • Campaign West Front: 20:00, 21:00, 22:00 and 23:00 (UTC+8). Total provinces: 68.

2. Stage 3 Special Rules

During Stage 3, clans will receive individual clan operations, i.e. sets of clan tasks. Clans will receive clan Fame Points for completing the tasks and operations.

2.1. Receiving Clan Tasks and Operations. Landing.

2.1.1. Upon coming to the Global Map, clans will be able to choose the first task of a clan operation.

2.1.2. Before receiving a clan task, you can set the parameters for all tasks of the clan operation in a special screen. First, choose a Prime Time, during which your clan will be receiving tasks and then select a way to land on the Global Map:

  • A landing tournament


  • An auction

2.1.3. If a clan is selecting a Prime Time to receive a task and there are no available applications for any landing provinces, the clan receives no task. In this case, the clan can still apply for landing via an auction in the same Prime Time.

2.1.4. A clan can start several clan operations - each of them can be set according to point 2.1.2. Thus, a clan can use several combat units to complete clan tasks in different areas within the Front. The maximum number of active operations a clan can take is 5.

2.1.5. When choosing a clan task and setting a Prime Time, a clan should consider the following factors:

  • If a Prime Time is selected before landing tournaments are formed (more than an hour prior to Prime Time), then the task is considered completed once the Prime Time is over and the target province is captured.
  • If a Prime Time is selected after landing tournaments are formed (an hour prior to the Prime Time or less) and your target province is the same one you are battling for, your clan has to defend the province during the next day’s Prime Time.

2.2. Completing Tasks. Capturing Provinces.

2.2.1. A clan can begin completing clan tasks as soon as it receives the first task of a clan operation and can move on to capturing provinces according to the operation scenario.

2.2.2. A target province for the upcoming clan task is selected among the neighboring provinces, provided that it:

  • Doesn't belong to the clan.
  • Is not a target for a clan in other clan operations.
  • Is not a landing.

In case there is no territory neighboring the current province with the previous parameters mentioned, the target province will be picked randomly from all provinces which are in the same prime-time.

2.2.3. A target province is considered captured if it is owned by a clan once battles end in the province, even if no Headquarters are located in the province.

2.2.4. Clans will receive a fixed number of Fame Points as a bonus for capturing a target province during a clan operation.


Clan Fame Points

Bonus for capturing a target province


2.2.5. In addition to the bonus mentioned in point 2.2.4, a clan can also earn clan Fame Points for each successive task completed within a clan operation.


Clan Fame Points

1st task bonus


2nd task bonus


3rd task bonus


4th task bonus


5th task bonus


6th task bonus


7th task bonus


8th task bonus


9th task bonus


10th task bonus


2.2.6. Before receiving each task during a clan operation, clans have two options:

  • To continue the clan operation and receive another clan task, which will provide a bigger bonus if completed. Having received the next task, the clan will have the details on the next target province and its current owner.
  • To abort the operation. In this case the clan receives clan Fame Points according to the level of the last completed task.

Example: Clan A captured a target province and that was the fourth task of the clan operation. The clan can decide to either stop and get 25,000 Fame Points, as a bonus for completing the 4th task, or continue the operation and try to claim 50,000 Fame Points as a bonus for completing the 5th task.

2.2.7. If a clan has not made a decision about aborting or continuing the operation sooner than three hours before the Prime Time, the clan operation is automatically aborted and the clan receives a bonus according to the last clan task completed.

2.2.8. If a clan loses a battle for the target province, the clan operation is considered failed and the clan receives no bonus at all for the clan tasks.

2.2.9. After failing to complete a clan operation, a clan can start another one.

2.2.10. All the details on active clan operations are available on the Global Map.

2.3. Additional Clan Tasks

2.3.1. A clan can earn clan Fame Points both by completing main clan tasks and by preventing other clans from completing their tasks.

2.3.2. If a clan hinders an enemy clan (or several clans) from completing its clan task, by capturing the enemy’s target province, the clan earns 10% of the bonus that would have been earned by the enemy clan for completing its task.The clan does not earn the bonus, if the captured province is also this clan’s target province.

2.3.3. The details on this potential bonus for each province are available on the Global Map.

Example: If clan A hinders clan B from completing its task (i.e. at the end of the Prime Time clan A is the owner of the clan B’s target province), clan A gets 10% of the bonus, which clan B would have earned if they had managed to complete the task. 

3. Personal Fame Points

3.1. During Stage 3, Fame Points will be awarded following the formula below:

  • Fame_Points: Fame Points
  • Fame_points_base: stage Fame Points coefficient = 1000.
  • Battle_type_c: battle type coefficient
  • Event_value_c: game event coefficient = 1
  • Еlo_c: Elo rating coefficientequal to the Elo rating in a Tier X Front
  • Team_XP: experience earned by a team in a battle
  • Battle_XP: total experience earned by both participating teams during a battle
  • Team_size: team size set by the Stage 3 parameters = 15

Battle Type Coefficients (Battle_type_c)

Battle type


A landing tournament


An auction tournament


A battle for a province (the final battle of a tournament)


Elo Rating Coefficients (Elo_c)

Opponent Clan’s Elo Rating














3.2. A clan also gets the same number of Fame Points for each battle as a member of the clan who participated in the battle. For example, players of clan A got 36 personal Fame Points after a battle. Thus, clan A also gets 36 clan Fame Points.

Important: Fake battles/result fixes are also considered a rules violation and will be punished with full withdrawal of the clan and personal Fame Points, in addition to game account suspension.

In disputed situations for crediting Fame Points (suspected match fixing, etc.), the game administration retains the right to request a battle record, screenshots and other information relating to this situation. If the requested information is not provided, the administration reserves the right to impose sanctions on the potential offenders. We strongly recommend you turn on the option for "Record battles" (battle replays) in the Settings menu.