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Clan Wars: 4th Campaign Announcement

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders,

The World of Tanks team is announcing the start of the Fourth Campaign, the biggest event on the Global Map! Battling for the top prizes, unique Tier X vehicles, clans will face various challenges and earn fame points by completing clan tasks. To win the ultimate clan event of the year, spare no effort and claim your rightful place among the best on the Global Map.

The situation on the global stage is far from being calm. Given the importance of oil to the world economy and the instability in the Middle East, the United Nations entered into a contract with a private military company called "Pandora", whose task was to protect the oil fields and oil transportation infrastructure. Pandora was to guarantee their safety and provide reliable protection of the main source of income for the regional governments.

In exchange, the company claimed a commission for the sale of the oil. The project, dubbed Black Gold, has been very successful and was highly regarded by many countries that also made contracts with Pandora. But the years passed, the company’s revenue and influence grew. In many countries, Pandora has seized significant political and economic levers; in some places its name has even become synonymous with power, given the company’s sway in various governments. Huge income, international support and unrestricted access to the arms market led to the uncontrolled growth of the company’s military power and resulted in Pandora becoming one of the most numerous, well-equipped and combat-ready forces in the world.

Things changed in an instant. A few days ago one of the employees of the corporation sent a set of documents to the UN that revealed Pandora’s terrifying plan – total world domination. Over the years, the corporation has accumulated strength and is now ready for a major attack on the world order. The plan is simple – collapse the energy market and maintain control over major oil fields. Any dissenting countries should either surrender to full external control or fall to the onslaught of Pandora’s military and economic power. Now every day counts; soon the world as we know it will cease to be.

The UN is gathering an international military coalition that will become the last bastion of humanity in the face of the global threat. All previous conflict between nations is forgotten; the only way to close Pandora’s box is to strike fast and hard.

Fights on the Global Map come with a bang! Do your part and contribute to mankind’s victory over universal evil!

Campaign Stages

The Fourth Campaign starts on 5th January 2016 and will traditionally consist of three stages:

  1. "The Scorpion’s Tail". This stage will be played in Tier VI vehicles.
  2. "The Lion’s Mane". This stage will be played in Tier VIII vehicles.
  3. "The Snake’s Fang". This stage will be played in Tier X vehicles.

Each stage presents various clan tasks and challenges. Each stage will be followed by a short break for clan members to gather their strength for the next stage. The playing area and Front sizes will also be unique during each Campaign stage.

Note: During the Fourth Campaign, Season Fronts for vehicle Tiers VI, VIII and X will be suspended.

Fame Points

For completing the main and additional tasks, clans and clan members will receive Fame Points. Like previous events, personal and clan Fame Points are counted separately, which allows separate ranking for clans and individual players to see their personal contribution to the result.

Awards and Achievements

The grand prize for the Fourth Campaign is 2,000 unique Tier X vehicles and top players will be able to choose which tank they are awarded with.

Four Tier X vehicles are to be selected from; top players will be able to choose one of them provided they do not have the same vehicle in their Garages at the end of the Fourth Campaign:


  • A brand new American medium tank to be awarded for the first time
  • General Characteristics:
    • Durability: 2,000 HP
    • Weight/Load Limit: 40.91/44 t
    • Top Speed: 56.3 km/h
    • Hull Armor: 95/50/19 mm
    • Turret Armor: 177/76/50 mm
    • Rate of Fire: 6.58
    • Average Penetration: 258/340/60 mm
    • Average Damage: 400/400/515 HP
    • Aiming Time 2.3 s

Object 907

  • Soviet medium tank

VK 72.01 (K)

  • German heavy tank


  • American medium tank

Bonus tanks will come with unique camouflage designed especially for these machines. What is more, the camouflage will also be added to all М60, VK 72.01(K) and Obj. 907 tanks earned during previous Campaigns.

The top 3,500 players will also receive an extra camouflage applicable to any vehicle in the Garage:

The vehicle award system will be the same as the one used for Operation “Safari”. For more details on the award system, check out the Fourth Campaign rules and regulations that are to be disclosed soon.

Apart from vehicles, you will have a chance to earn exclusive Fourth Campaign medals.

Stay tuned to the news, Fourth Campaign rules and regulations arriving soon!