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Clan Spotlight: RPG2U

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Tank Commanders,

You might have met these guys while fighting for places like Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Iran on the Global Map.

Here's RPG2U from Thailand who kindly took time off their schedules to share their Clan Wars experience with us. Their clan has been active in both tournaments and Clan Wars, and they aim to become recognised internationally as the premiere Thai clan.

Read on to hear what they have to say about life in a clan and about Clan Wars!




Tritonsky - Commander
EagleOne147 - Deputy Commander
aumnaj24 - Deputy Commander

WG: What made you decide to create your clan and how did you decide on your clan name?

Tritonsky: We wanted to create a clan that can bring together Thai players with similar attitudes. Our main goal was to basically to have fun and be a Thai clan that can take on other clans in the Asia server. We decided to use the name RPG2U because we are like an RPG grenade that can destroy other teams.

WG: How would you describe your clan's community?

EagleOne: We're a family, but more like brothers.

WG: What do you think keeps your clan together?

EagleOne: We understand each other. Trust and respect is something that is key when in a team, plus we also believe in our leader.

aumnaj24: Communication and being reasonable with clan members.

WG: When did your clan start participating in Clan Wars?

EagleOne: After the clan was created, many Thai players were interested in joining the clan. 2 weeks after the clan was created on 29 April 2013, we first ventured onto the Global Map.

WG: Is there a piece of property on the Global Map that you believe your clan must always have?

EagleOne: Generally, we prefer fighting on the Mountain Pass and El Halluf maps so we always aim for Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran. After changes to the European zone were made, we've been aiming to improve our skills and strategies, so now we're also aiming for Ruinberg, Swamp, Cliff, and Redshire maps such as Ireland, Denmark, etc.

WG: Which clans do you consider as your closest allies and why?

Tritonsky: We have many allies such as THA-F, VAT-F, TH-GT, BP_TH, and LA-TH. We help each other when we get in the same zone.

WG: Which clan do you think is your fiercest competition on the Global Map?

Tritonsky: We consider DPS as a good team. We've only managed to beat them once in the 2nd Campaign.

EagleOne: I'm not afraid of any particular clan. It all depends on our strategies and team work.

aumnaj24: Strategy and team work matter more than fearing a specific team.

WG: What did you think about the past 3 campaign-type Clan Wars events? (First Campaign, Second Campaign, World on Fire)

Tritonsky: I preferred the first and second campaign. I feel that we didn't get enough information for World on Fire and that the rewards were not worth the effort needed to take on the challenge. There were also fewer Thai clans that joined this campaign.

EagleOne: The first and second campaign since those gave out the M60 and VK 72.01 as campaign rewards.

aumnaj24: I think they're great and I want more!

WG: What do you think was the most challenging aspect of the campaign-type Clan Wars events?

Tritonsky: The second campaign had a lot of missions that the clans must accomplish. You need a lot of skills and careful strategizing to do well in that campaign.

EagleOne and aumnaj24: Yes, the second campaign was very challenging.

WG: What was your most memorable Clan Wars battle?

Tritonsky: It was when we managed to beat DPS, the Second Campaign champions. That was a great moment since we managed to win against a champion clan.

EagleOne: The ones where we manage to beat the enemy team in the shortest amount of time with no losses from our side.

aumnaj24: Short battles with minimal losses are the best battles.

WG: What do you think is your biggest Clan Wars achievement so far?

Tritonsky: I don't want to emphasise on prizes or gold. I think the biggest achievement is that it fosters friendship in our clan and made us one of the greatest teams in Thailand.

EagleOne and aumnaj24: Getting a medal from the Second Campaign and the VK 72.01.

WG: Any advice for players who are still looking for a clan?

Tritonsky: I would suggest that you look at the Global Map to see which clans are interesting and to find out about their strategies. If they're active on the Global Map, they would be a clan to join.

EagleOne: Clans bring the community together and teaches them how to work together. We share both moments of celebration and disappointment. Don't join a clan for show but to help build and strengthen it.

aumnaj24: Clans allow you to get to know other people and share in both good and bad times. Don't join a clan just because it makes you look good, but do so aiming to help improve the clan.

Want to test your clan's skills against RPG2U? Fight it out with them this Friday during the Tank Company Frenzy event!


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