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Clan Spotlight: LUCK

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders,

If you've ever kept up with clan relations in the server or even fought for your clan in Clan Wars, you might have heard of LUCK. This clan has managed to appear in the winners lists for the Clan Wars Campaigns so far, and we're sure they'll continue to try their best in future ones.

This week, we interviewed several members of the clan to learn more about them and how they view themselves. Scoll down for the full transcript!




Here's what's left of Conan's interview with the top guys of LUCK - TheRealHaifisch, cod1933, and Cantoris. Unfortunately, Conan had too much fun and kept laughing in the interview so we had to not include all the words that could not be understood due to all the laughter.

Conan: Okay guys, let's start... you can pretty much say anything as long as it's not, well, you know.

cod: I, I love Wargaming... and everything it stands for.

Cantoris: Absolutely!

cod: Shout out to mick42! My favourite.

Conan: laughs Okay, please let our readers know who you are.

Haifisch: I TheRealHaifisch, Commander of LUCK. I'm pretty real.

cod: I'm the coolest guy, pretty much, like, in World of Tanks

Cantoris: Lies!

cod: I've been playing in Asia server for a while. I'm dep com of LUCK... I'm actually commander, pseudo-commander of LUCK

Haifisch: That's a bit of a lie.

cod: Yeah, I'm actually the commander, Haifisch is just... the least rage-quitty... is that a word? Which is why he's commander. But I guess you better ask Cantoris whatever the heck he is.

Cantoris: Whatever the heck I am, is... I don't even know, but anyway. Cantoris, Dep Com of LUCK, better than cod at this game. Better at wardecs than cod at this game. I don't know, that's pretty much it.

Conan: How did your Clan, LUCK, start?

cod1933: Well, we were originally called PBLAC and about a year ago I started playing clan wars with PBLAC and we could, like, field one or two of Tier 10's, a few tier 8's and an assortment of tier 1's to 3's. At Campaign 1 a few people joined us because we got on the map because of PBKAC and I think we got placed in the Top 30. After that, we've just doing clan wars and basically built up from, like, a 'pubbie' clan to one of the better clans on this sever.

Oh, and the reason that we called ourselves LUCK, I don't actually know... but contrary to popular belief it was not because of politix using the word "LUCK" on the forums. I didn't actually get it from that. It was actually Sillabaa and me who thought of it because we wanted make a four leafed clover as our clan... thing. It was at about Campaign 2 where we wanted to change the name.

Haifisch: Sillabaa is the old Clan Commander.

Conan: How would you describe your clan community?

Cantoris: Glorious.

Haifisch: It's amazing

cod: Yeah, pretty much, nobody takes it [the game] seriously.

Like we get normal clans, I guess would get in to clan wars and do a maptactic and kind of work it beforehand.

Cantoris: Yeah, we don't do that. A few seconds before the game starts, we all probably alt-tabbed looking at something else or doing something else while the game screen loads.

cod: We're a fairly informal clan. Basically, yeah, it's a bunch of friends, kind of, and most of the guys joined the clan knowing people inside of it.

Conan: What do you think keeps your clan together?

Haifisch: Community. We have the best community, let's face it. It's very chill.

Cantoris: Everyone gets along, cod shouts at people, I shout at people, camma shouts at people.

Conan: Laughs

Cantoris: Those people listen...

Haifisch: I step in if it gets too bad.

Conan: Do you have any clans which you consider as your closest allies?

cod: FLUKE.

Haifisch: GNS.

Cantoris: FLUKE are good allies.

cod: VENOM as well.

Cantoris: People would think that FLUKE's a sub-clan but they're really not.

cod: There's a decent amount of clans that we're friends with.

Conan: Considering what you already told me earlier, who do you think is your fiercest competition on the Global Map?

cod: NPC.

Haifisch: NPC is deadly.

cod: NPC mapped us tonight in 1 turn.

Haifisch: They are truly a force to be reckoned with, those NPC guys.

cod: NPC is most OP.

cod: Hypothetically, it's, like, VPA, probably. Every time we've lost, it's been like, with a tank alive. It's basically because we've gone full YOLO mode and haven't really considered the outcome of mad YOLO. Mostly because of FrostXJr, yeah, he's YOLO Squad Leader of LUCK.

Haifisch: He needs a mention, yeah. His YOLO skills are legendary.

Conan: I'll make sure to put that in, YOLO Squad Leader... laughs

Conan: Any specific clan wars battles that is memorable?

Cantoris: Probably 15-4-ing CNC on Karelia...

Haifsich: I don't know... there's quite a few.

cod: Back in the day, when there wasn't tank locking. We used to do, like, the stupidest thing on Mountain Pass and we'd do battles, like, we would do a Maus wall. And it worked... It was so funny.

Conan: More laughing

cod: 'cause we were all just sitting there laughing our heads off because there's just these other guys, like, going up to the Maus and just going pushing at it then giving up again. He goes, like, "I can't do this."

Conan: What do you think is LUCK's greatest Clan Wars Achievement, like, something that you're really proud of?

Cantoris: Surviving CNC's wardec and smashing them. They only won, like, 2 battles in 7 days of fighting

cod: It was 5 or 6...

Haifisch: They said they will be on Leningrad within 3 days, they were in Karelia for 3 days.

Conan: You said that when clans disband or some good players are lost in the game, you welcome them in LUCK. Do you have any advice for players who are still looking for a clan?

Haifish: Get Good!

cod: If you're good, go for a good clan, If you're a bit sub-par, there are a few clans that you can pick from. I mean, there's plenty of clans you can pick from. Yeah, look at the [Global] map and if you see somebody that has a decent amount of clan, they can probably fight alright.

Cantoris: I recommend FLUKE!

cod: Some clans are, like, hardcore military.

Cantoris: I don't know, you join for the tanks, you stay for the community. That's always important.

Conan: Yes, I agree.

Haifisch: Or, for good players lost in the game, there are a variety of good clans you can join but for more of the slightly above average, average players, it's a little bit sparse. So if you want to join a better clan, get good, read up on the mechanics, go off that recent stats and make them better.

cod: Yeah, grind out a few tier 10's. Probably if you have about 5 or 6, most clans would accept you. And make sure you've played more than 4 battles in them.

Conan: Well, that's about it, unless you guys want to add some more?

Haifisch: Yes, shout out to cammaman, you are terrible. Stop playing Arty. Also, I blame Feet[Food], thanks Revan!

Like we said earlier, Conan had too much fun in the interview.

LUCK would like to thank Wargaming and the World of Tanks Community for the fun, friendships, and rivalries that comes with World of Tanks.


Interested to see if LUCK is really as good as they seem? Get your chance to battle them on this Friday's Tank Company Frenzy event! The clan will be standing by to accept any challengers, so get your tank company ready and prepare to roll out!

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