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Clan Spotlight: I-A-F

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders,

This week's Clan Spotlight article sees clan I-A-F as our guests. No strangers to the Clan Wars scene, this group of players are determined to make their mark on the global map. They may seem stern and aloof in their dealings in-game, but don't let that fool you; at its core, the clan emphasises friendship and brotherhood above all else.

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Independent Armoured Force [I-A-F]


Amuro_Edison99 - Commander
LucidAtray - Deputy Commander
AiNanasaki - Treasurer

WG: What made you decide to create your clan and how did you decide on your clan name?

Amuro_Edison99: I was originally from the NA server but when the SEA server announced that they will also be having Clan Wars, I decided to create my own clan and join CW there. The name was decided by the initial members of the clan.

LucidAtray: I followed my friends and joined the clan.

AiNanasaki: I also decided to follow my friends, plus the ping is far better than in the NA server.

WG: How would you describe your clan's community?

Amuro_Edison99: I-A-F is a Mandarin-speaking Chinese clan. We focus on tournaments and Clan Wars.

LucidAtray: Our members love to participate in Clan Wars and we have a very nice financial management system. We often have offline events too.

AiNanasaki: We love exchanging new ideas, not just in WoT but also for other games. We even have a complete commander training system.

WG: What do you think keeps your clan together?

Amuro_Edison99: Friendship, honor, and glory.

LucidAtray: We feel proud to be part of this clan so we try our best to uphold the clan's honor and to bring glory to the clan.

AiNanasaki: Friendship is what keeps everyone together.

WG: When did your clan start participating in Clan Wars?

Amuro_Edison99: We used to play CW in the NA server about 3 years ago. We started participating in the SEA server CWs as soon as it opened.

WG: Is there a piece of property on the Global Map that you believe your clan must always have?

Amuro_Edison99: No particular property. Just as long as I-A-F is on the Global Map.

LucidAtray: Before the time zone changed, we used to control the northern central Asia map. After the change, VPA has monopolized Asia. Right now, we're prioritizing alliances so we'll hold lands in order to support friends first. Currently, we're staying on the 20-21 time zone.

WG: Which clans do you consider as your closest allies and why?

Amuro_Edison99: We're very close to CA members. Although some of them don't join CW anymore, new members still join and we manage to maintain a good relationship.

LucidAtray: We maintain good relationships with our allies. No one is really special.

AiNanasaki: PC Union. We've been best friends since the start of CW.

WG: Which clan do you think is your fiercest competition on the Global Map?

Amuro_Edison99: We've had fierce fighting with VPA in the Asia map a couple of months ago. After the time zone changed to allow Australian clans better CW times, we were forced to leave and VPA became the king of that section of Asia. Europe is quite boring.

LucidAtray: Before they were PVP, RTA-E, then VPA. We haven't had any enemies recently.

AiNanasaki: Definitely VPA.

WG: What did you think about the past 3 campaign-type Clan Wars events? (First Campaign, Second Campaign, World on Fire)

Amuro_Edison99: I wasn't very interested in the campaigns.

LucidAtray: Victory Points and the prize mechanisms should be adjusted. We need better tanks as prizes, and the T23 sucks.

AiNanasaki: The prize mechanisms could be better. As it is, it can cause problems between clan members.

WG: What do you think was the most challenging aspect of the campaign-type Clan Wars events?

Amuro_Edison99: Getting the clan to love it. Normally, if the prize (e.g., tank) isn't cool, the members would not be interested in participating.

LucidAtray: It's hard to group clan members especially if we'll be combining sub clans.

WG: What was your most memorable Clan Wars battle?

Amuro_Edison99: Those against VPA to SA (PVP+RTA-E+... etc). The ones that required long-term fighting and took months to finish.

LucidAtray: VPA's medium tank strategy and the El Halluf IS-7 rush strategy.

AiNanasaki: It was an old CW in the NA server. We didn't have enough tier 10 tanks so we used a lot of tier 6 and tier 7 tanks.

WG: What do you think is your biggest Clan Wars achievement so far?

Amuro_Edison99: Organize CA and monopolize the 20:00-22:00 time zone in the Asia map, but that's history.

LucidAtray: Accumulating a large amount of gold since CW started in SEA.

AiNanasaki: Saving up a lot of gold.

WG: Any advice for players who are still looking for a clan?

Amuro_Edison99: The game is not that easy. Make friends who will help you improve faster and those are usually from the top clans.

LucidAtray: Look for a clan that suits your play style.

Tank Company Frenzy on 11th July feat. I-A-F

You've read the interview, now challenge the clan!

The next Tank Company Frenzy event will be held this Friday. Similar to the events in previous weeks, the featured clan (i.e. I-A-F) will be participating as the event host. Read the companion article to find out more, and remember to show up at the event start timing.

Roll out!

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