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Clan Spotlight: DOTM

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders,

Our next Clan Spotlight feature centers on the Malaysia-based DOTM, a clan built on the foundations of friendship, the spirit of competition and the willingness to go stir-crazy when the occasion is right.

No strangers to the tournament scene, the members of DOTM are currently working hard to secure a spot on the Clan Wars Global Map. Read on to find out what they have to say about their clan, their relationship with other clans and their proudest achievements!


Destroyer of Tank Malaysia [DOTM]


PresidentDiddy - Commander, Main Field Commander
Dewata - Deputy Commander, Battle Caller
TheJenitor - Deputy Commander, Battle Caller, Clan Administration Manager

WG: What made you decide to create your clan and how did you decide on your clan name?

PresidentDiddy: There weren't many Malaysian clans at the time and we just wanted to enjoy the game by entering tournaments and Tank Company battles.

Dewata: I joined this clan because it is the oldest Malaysia clan in the Asia server. As for the name, I think the commander has a crush with the old WOTM clan so decided to copy it.

WG: How would you describe your clan's community?

PresidentDiddy: Our community is very friendly. In Malay, we call it "gila-gila" which means that we love to rage and troll each other for fun. We're a multi-racial clan so we have members who can communicate well with each other.

Dewata: We're open-minded, kind-hearted, peace-loving, trolling, stat-padding, pub KSers, and we like to rage on pubs a lot (laughs). We're like a zoo where all animals live in harmony.

TheJenitor: We have active members who platoon every night, and some even platooning with other clans/friends online. We all strive to improve our gameplay while enjoying at the same time and of course, it is very challenging. As one of the deputies in DOTM, I will try to guide other clan mates when they platoon with me, to improve the basics of their game.

WG: What do you think keeps your clan together?

PresidentDiddy: Like I have said, we're friendly people. It also helps that we're friends in real life so we can have gatherings to get to know each other better.

TheJenitor: Basically the friendliness of the community. We have our own TeamSpeak server and we will try to go online as much as possible to communicate and keep in touch with the players. Sometimes we go online on TeamSpeak just to chat about our daily live, other than tanking.

WG: When did your clan start participating in Clan Wars?

PresidentDiddy: We just started this year after joining some tournaments.

TheJenitor: Roughly around 3 months ago, when I joined DOTM.

Dewata: We just started after TheJenitor joined. He's the reason we have enemies now.

WG: Is there a piece of property on the Global Map that you believe your clan must always have?

PresidentDiddy: We just want the gold! (laughs)

Dewata: Not particularly. We just need to keep winning. Winning makes me happy.

TheJenitor: Another tough question to answer. As a short team goal, basically any province that can generate gold income.

WG: Which clans do you consider as your closest allies and why?

PresidentDiddy: We don't really have any close allies, but we'd like to say that we're close to MVP since we know each other from various tournaments where both our clans participated.

WG: Which clan do you think is your fiercest competition on the Global Map?

PresidentDiddy: We get the most competition from GVN and SVN but hey, we fought them hard and won most of the fights!

Dewata: All of them. I think that they all equal in strength, maybe more. Although some of them MIA in pub battle.

TheJenitor: Basically DPS and Luck/Fluke Co. I've known the officers of these clans since CW on the Asia server started and they are good.

WG: What did you think about the past 3 campaign-type Clan Wars events? (First Campaign, Second Campaign, World on Fire)

PresidentDiddy: I think campaigns are very good in general because players learn a lot about techniques and strategies from each of these campaigns. Plus they're also enjoyable.

Dewata: We enjoyed the World on Fire campaign. We hope to participate in more of these kinds of events since we weren't very active in Clan Wars yet during the 1st and 2nd campaigns.

WG: What do you think was the most challenging aspect of the campaign-type Clan Wars events?

PresidentDiddy: Competition from the bigger clans because we're just new to the Global Map and we still have much to learn.

Dewata: We were like babies with no experience.

WG: What was your most memorable Clan Wars battle?

PresidentDiddy: The battle that I remember the most was when we fought against IAFSA during the second campaign. It was a fierce fight and we managed to win the battle!

Dewata: Winning 10 straight battles in 1 night!

TheJenitor: When we managed to win a game where we were pretty much outnumbered towards the end. Thanks to the awesome teamwork from the clan mates, we managed to pull it off.

WG: What do you think is your biggest Clan Wars achievement so far?

PresidentDiddy: Surviving the campaigns and earning a lot of medals. Also, 9 of our clan members managed to finish in the top 1000 fame rank and got a premium tank! Woohoo!

Dewata: None. We are still far from what we want to achieve.

TheJenitor: Holding a CW LZ in our first CW debut.

WG: Any advice for players who are still looking for a clan?

PresidentDiddy: If you're eager to join clan wars, have fun in platoons, want to improve your stats and learn more about the game and tactics from our more experienced players, then you're welcome to join DOTM! Especially Malaysian players.

Dewata: Keep looking!

TheJenitor: Platoon more often, get to know more people, and platoon with players who have more experience/skills than you. Watch those players and see how the play. Learn from them, ask them, and never stop learning. I was nobody, but now I am somebody.

Tank Company Frenzy on 4th July feat. DOTM

Want to go up against DOTM and face them in battle? Now you can!

This Friday, we're holding another Tank Company Frenzy event, and DOTM will be participating as the event host. Read the companion article to find out more, and remember to show up at the event start timing.

Roll out!

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