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Special Offer: Discount on Clan Management [Updated]

Clan Wars
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Offer Extended! Clan Renaming & Tag Editing discounts will continue until 20 December, 2014. [Updated]

Tank Commanders!

With update 9.2, you can now fight in the new game mode, Strongholds. If you are ready for battles with your friends against other players in epic battles, it's time to create your own clan!

The team at Wargaming would like to give you a headstart with the following discounts:

Special Offer: Clan Management Discounts
Clan Creation
1,000 (Original Price: 2,500)
Clan Renaming & Tag Editing
1,000 (Original Price: 2,000)

Note: These discounts last from version 9.2's official release until 30 November, 2014. [Updated]

Need help on creating a clan and editing clan information? Follow these instructions here.

Create a Clan

Don’t miss an opportunity to become Clan Commander! Invite your friends, your friends’ friends and carry your clan flag proudly through the battlefields in World of Tanks.

If you want to join a clan but have no idea where to start, head over to our Recruiting Station. Fill the necessary information on your personal page here and clan recruiters will find you. When offers start rolling in, choose the most interesting one and join the battle!

If you receive a message about insufficient Gold to create a Clan even if a sufficient amount is displayed in your profile balance, please enter the game client to synchronize your available Gold balance.



Clan Management Info

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