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The Clan Rating feature is now available!

Tank Commanders!

We've just launched a new feature that will allow you to gauge the battle effectiveness of any clan in World of Tanks. Known as 'Clan Ratings', this tool will definitely be of use to anyone wanting to know more about a specific clan.

With the introduction of Clan Ratings, it is now possible to measure the overall skill level of your clan (as well as your opponents') based on several customizable parameters. Some of the data you'll be able to access will include the average Personal Rating among all players in the clan, the average amount of battles played, the total number of Tier X vehicles available as well as the Clan Wars rating. It is also possible to track any changes for specific clan parameters for a certain period of time if desired.

Note: A clan must have at least 15 players registered before it appears on the Clan Ratings section.

There are a few factors that can influence a Clan Rating:

  1. The amount of players in the clan
  2. The average amount of battles played by clan members over a 24-hour period
  3. The total number of Tier X vehicles possessed by clan members. Players must log at least 1 battle in a Tier X vehicle for it to be counted here.
  4. Clan effectiveness on the Clan Wars Global Map (estimated using the Elo rating system)
  5. Clan effectiveness during Clan Wars campaigns (estimated using the Elo rating system)
  6. Average personal rating of all clan members

As can be seen from the list above, there are several ways for clans to climb to the top of the Clan Ratings. First of all, clans should begin to recruit more members. All clan members should also be active within the game, participating in battles for any game mode.

Being an active participant on the Global Map will help too, as would joining more standard battles, platoons and tank companies to gain as many victories as possible. Having more Tier X vehicles will also contribute towards the overall rating of your clan.

Finally, concentrate on Personal Ratings! Those will also count towards clan ratings, so be sure to train hard and be the pride of your clan.

You may have already realised that we use the Elo rating system to determine a clan's overall effectiveness on the Global Map. With the use of this scientific method, we can calculate a more accurate picture of relative skill levels of clans in Clan Wars.

Assert your strength; dominate the clan ratings!

Note: Only battles that occur after 20th May 2014 will be counted towards determining a clan's rating, which will be displayed on the portal.

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