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Clan Message Boards: Coming soon to the Clan Portal

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Tank Commanders!

We will soon be introducing a new function on the Clan Portal called the 'Clan Message Board' that will prove to be a great asset for all clans.

Essentially an internal communication tool, clan message boards allows authorised officers to release important information to all members of the clan or call them to action privately. Not only will your clan receive these updates in an efficient manner, these messages will also be shielded from outsiders and rival clans alike, preventing them from reading the message board.

Who is allowed to create a message board?

Only clan members with the appropriate ranks can create message boards (i.e. Company Commander, Personnel Officer, Executive Officer or Clan Commander). The table below shows the permissions given to the different roles.

Clan Guests All clan members Company Commander Personnel Officer and higher Executive officer and higher
Access to Clan Feeds, browse list of announcements




Create, edit, delete feeds No No Yes Yes Yes
Access to archive, view feeds in archive, backup feeds, delete and restore archived feeds




Changing the order of feeds No No No No Yes


Browsing Clan Message Boards

Upon entering the Clan page, visitors will see a special block, which displaye the 3 most recent messages on the board.

If the clan has more than three published messages, the rest can be seen by click on the squares above the cell containing the messages. The colour of the square indicates if ther eare any unread feeds on the page.

All clan members will be able to visit the message board page by clicking on 'All messages' and also view available messages for them by left-clicking on the messages. Unread messages will have a visual effect isolated by a golden-brown background and a yellow triangle on the upper-left corner.

After the player has opened and closed a message, its status will be changed to 'Read', and the background colour will turn grey.

Creating Messages

To create a new message, click on the yellow + icon. You can create messages in the 'Messages' block, and on the 'All Messages' page.

The message creation interface has the following elements:

  • Text Field (the maximum length of a feed is 1,000 characters)
  • Users allowed to read the message:
    • All clan members
    • Only Officers and higher rank (Company Commander, Personnel Officer, Executive Officer, Clan Commander)
  • Date selection (the duration of the message displayed on the board. By default, this period is 30 days)

When you create your message, you also have the option to either bold text or italicise them. To format the text, use the buttons above the text field. You can also use special tags, like the ones shown below:

  • To bold the text, use the asterisks (e.g. * bold *)
  • For italics, use underscores (e.g. _italic_)
  • To insert a hyperlink, type the following code:
    • "link":

The clan may not have more than 15 published messages at one time.

Edit Messages

The same functionality that is present during message creation is also available when editing messages. Edited messages will remain on the same position in the board, but will be marked as 'Unread'.

Removing Messages

A clan member with the appropriate permissions can permanently delete messages and move it to the archive (see more info below).

List of Messages

Executive Officers and Clan Commanders have an opportunity to change the order of the message list by dragging and dropping a message. This feature will attract the attention of clan members to certain information.


After creating a new message, clan members that are granted permission to view it will receive a special alert. The message will appear in a special interface, which will also be reflected on all official websites with clan messages simultaneously. Clicking on the link in the message will allow the recipient to go directly to the message board.


Messages with expired publication deadlines are automatically sent to the archive. Players can also see the date when a particular message will be moved to the archive.

Not more than 20 messages can be displayed on one archive page, although there can be an unlimited number of pages.

A player with the appropriate permissions can archive any message. The archiving function will be useful, for example, if there are 15 active messages already, and there is a need for a new one. Additionally, the archive can also be used as a repository of message samples which can be restored and reused later.

Archived messages may be deleted permanently by a player with the appropriate permissions. On the other hand, players who do not have permission will be unable to access the archive entirely.

The launch date of Clan Message Boards will soon be announced. Check back soon!

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