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Come Celebrate 'We Love NZ Day' in Clan Wars!

Tank Commanders!

Get ready for a time-warp! From 14th February onwards, the Clan Wars Global Map will begin to open up for battle earlier than before, making this the perfect time for any and all NZ-based clans to jump in and start carving out new empires. Show your love for your country by dedicating each captured province to her!

When the changes come into effect, Clan Wars will start 2 hours earlier at a more convenient timing, from 14:00 UTC +8 (19:00 UTC+13).

If you've been thinking of (re)joining the ever-shifting alliances in the Clan Wars Global Map but found it difficult to make the time for it, this is your chance! Good luck, and we'll see you on the ground.

Roll out!

Incoming Major Clan Wars Update

Clan Wars itself will soon undergo a massive upgrade. Check back soon for more information!

What is Clan Wars?

Clan Wars is a browser-based follow-up to World of Tanks, allowing you to struggle for world supremacy. Unite in a clan to confront other challengers in fierce battles for territories on the Global Map. Hold captured provinces, collect income, and share it with your battle companions. Engage in the ultimate struggle now and prove yourself worthy!

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