Wargaming introduces its Hall of Fame 2016

April 20, 2017 — To celebrate Wargaming’s players and their gaming passion across the APAC region, the company is proud to introduce our “Hall of Fame 2016”. This company will be rewarding 400 players across several titles, including World of Tanks PC and Console, World of Tanks Blitz, and World of Warships, with some fantastic prizes.

"Our players are nothing short of amazing. The Hall of Fame is our way of bringing their dedication to the forefront. It’s a first for us, and we hope it shows how much all our players mean to us." — Jungwon Hahn, General Manager of Wargaming APAC

You can find the several titles that will be eligible for the Hall of Fame 2016 and their criteria below:

World of Tanks PC

  • Over 1000 battles played during 2016
  • Be a top 100 player in APAC server (average win rate on Tier 5+)
  • Be a top 25 player in KR server player (average win rate at Tier 5+)

World of Tanks Blitz

  • Over 15,000 Battles in the APAC region, having played in 2016
  • Be a top 100 player (average win rate from Tier 6+)

World of Tanks Console

  • Have played in the APAC region during 2016
  • Be a top 100 player (total damage caused)

World of Warships

  • Over 1,000 battles in the APAC region during 2016
  • Be a top 100 player (average win rate)

We know it’s quite likely some people at Wargaming may well fit the criteria above. So, if one of us qualify, we’ll just increase the number in the Hall of Fame, i.e. the number rises to 101, etc. Also, Wargaming employees who qualify will receive no prizes—it’s our job to play, and those players who have received a permanent account ban in the past will be excluded from this list.

The list of players in the Hall of Fame and their rewards will be revealed in the near future, so be sure to keep an eye on our official portals. The different title winners from Hall of Fame 2016 may receive different prizes. While the final design is not fixed, it is just one part of players’ special prizes.

If you’re wondering just how we judge the battle stats and your achievements, check out the links below for more details: