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Update 9.15 incoming, releases 31st May [UPDATED]

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Note: Update 9.15 is now available!

Tank Commanders!

The next update for World of Tanks will be arriving soon. Known as version 9.15, the Update will be released in the Asia Server on 31st May 2016.

Apart from these major changes, Update 9.15 will also provide a range of feature introductions and bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes in this page for the complete list, or read on for a condensed version of what you can expect.

Server maintenance

Please be informed that there will be server downtime while we make preparations for the release of Update 9.15 on 31st May from 03:00 UTC+8 (30th May, 19:00 UTC). The approximate downtime is 4.5 hours with a shorter downtime expected for the portal services.

During this maintenance, the following will be unavailable due to the update:

  • WOT Asia Server
  • Login services for:
    • Portal
    • Support Site
    • Giftshop
  • Clan Portal
  • Clan Wars
    • The Global Map will be frozen on 31st May from 02:00 UTC+8 for 24 hours.
    • Stronghold battles will be reset from 31st May 01:59 UTC+8 until 1st June 02:59 UTC+8.

Note: All players, who had paid content (premium account etc.) by the start of release, will be compensated with additional 24 hours use term of that content.

To avoid problems with graphics, performance, as well as the stability of the game client, it is strongly recommended to update the drivers for the video card to the latest version.

To download the latest drivers, use the search for a suitable driver on a website of video card manufacturer:

New Features

More improvements to vehicle movement physics & sound

Based on general player feedback and careful monitoring, we're deploying a few tweaks to improve the overall feel of the new physics system introduced in the previous update. Now, your vehicles will move and respond even more realistically to your controls.

Aside from that, the sound engine in World of Tanks has also received some minor tuning in Update 9.15, including new sound effects to indicate the activation of Binocular Telescopes and Camouflage Nets.

Learn more about the new physics and sound upgrades here.

New bonuses, penalties and future changes to platoons

Up until now, platoons were just a simple way for like-minded players to group together as one effective fighting unit, with no inherent bonuses and penalties. With Update 9.15, we'll be making the act of platooning a much more desirable part of World of Tanks.

To put it simply, players who platoon together while using tanks of the same tier will receive a small EXP bonus. On the other hand, players with large differences in Tiers used will also incur an EXP penalty.

Do note that this feature is still under careful observation upon release.

More details about the platoon changes can be found in the article here.

New look for tank characteristics in garage

Tired of using the same tank characteristics panel in the garage to study your tank's stats? The release of Update 9.15 will give it a facelift that increases its visibility and makes it easier to view the vehicle's strengths and weaknesses.

Have a look at a preview here.

And a few more things...

There's much more to Update 9.15 than the features outlined above. How about a revision of Personal Missions with tweaked mission parameters, new filters to sort out your vehicle collection, aiming reticle improvements and more besides? These have been teased in a recent article here.