Update 1.25: Common Test 3 Is Here!


The third round of testing ahead of Update 1.25 has begun. Make sure to check out the upcoming changes listed in the patch notes below and in the previous announcements: CT 1 and CT 2.

How to Join the World of Tanks Common Test

The Common Test offers a sneak peek at the upcoming game version before its official release. We're eager to hear your initial thoughts on the upcoming features, new game modes, vehicles, game changes, and more. This way, we can understand how the community feels about the next update and catch issues ahead of time.

  • How to Participate in the Common Test
  • New to Testing?
How to Participate in the Common Test
  1. Requirements: Ensure you have the Wargaming.net Game Center (WGC), the latest Common Test client, and an active World of Tanks account. Your live account progress was cloned to the Common Test server on 2024-04-30 at 20:00:00 (UTC).
  2. Install the Test Client:
    • Run the installer and select a different folder from your main game files.
    • Choose the test client in the WGC's drop-down menu.
  3. Dive In: Test new features with increased resources. Your feedback is invaluable!

    Note: The Common Test account reflects data copied on May 01, 2024, and won't include changes made after this date. For more details, visit the Wargaming.net Game Center guide.

Download and Install the Test Client


  • Run the test client installer.
  • Choose a different installation folder from where your regular World of Tanks game files are.
  • Select the freshly installed test client from the drop-down menu at the top of the WGC.
  • Roll out—and remember to pass on your feedback!

You can find more details about the WGC in the dedicated Wargaming.net Game Center guide.

New to Testing?

Check out our handy public test guide with all the details about Common Tests, Sandbox Tests, and Supertests.


We'll provide more detailed information in the coming weeks as we approach the update release on the live server. Join the Common Test and share your feedback on these additions, Commanders!

Patch Notes


Main Changes

Changes to Technical Characteristics of Vehicles

The characteristics of the following vehicles have been increased as a result of modifications made to their turret armor models during the first Update 1.25 Common Test:

Churchill VII

  • Vehicle durability with the Churchill IV turret has been increased from 1,020 to 1,080 HP
  • Vehicle durability with the Churchill VII turret has been increased from 1,080 to 1,130 HP

Churchill Crocodile

  • Vehicle durability has been increased from 1,080 to 1,130 HP

ARL 44

  • Vehicle durability with the ACL 1 turret has been increased from 870 to 900 HP
  • Vehicle durability with the ARL 44 turret has been increased from 920 to 950 HP

Char de transition

  • Vehicle durability has been increased from 920 to 950 HP

Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • Fixed the issue of the incorrect vehicle icons being displayed in achievements.
  • Fixed the issue of an achievement completion notification being redisplayed when a style was received on the player's account.
  • Fixed the issue of the sound for reloading the last shell being played in some cases when the magazine was fully loaded in vehicles with a magazine loading system.
  • Fixed the issue of the explosion sound being played before the visual effect when the Artillery Strike Tactical Skill was used in Onslaught mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the incorrect Rank being displayed in the Onslaught event widget.
  • Fixed some interface and technical issues.
  • Fixed some sound issues.