Congratulations to the Winners of the Subscription Lucky Draw!


Thank you for your participation in the Subscription Lucky Draw.

The bonus missions have been credited into the accounts of all winners. Please check your Missions folder. Completing the reward will give you 1 day of WOT Premium Account time and 3x “Maharlika” emblems.


_Mike_Ox_Long_ Akefumi_JP Assinss batschris bruce99
cabbagetiger Cathal_Foramund dontshootme007 dungbig E22YHD
Emeraude_enoki eunjun_0323 FULLM3TALSLUG Gat3keep3r GenFUBAR
GoYangYee_holic guraena Hawes inaten628 jamara94
K_Pethay1976TH K3_Black_Bear Kentnielsenk Kn95_CN Ko_Ram_96
komeguni Leise_heimlich Lord_Shiva Lovely_YeIn lzxcvbnm
MuZiCheng nailp_460 northseaway NOTAzacanyan redarbor
Roger538 sabosan73 SangJin_ SasPaVI Shahrukh_Hussain
Shaperon398 supermabling242 tksjdxy TopTanksThailand truongcongtrieuvi_IGNYCC
wdfgh_accurate_marksman wilsonjay13 woo_tank Zamri_Pororo Zev_Senesca_



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