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[Results] [Forum Event] Daily Calendar Event

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Hi Tank Commanders,

We're pleased to announce the winners of the [Forum Event] Daily Calendar Event! These players displayed not only their prowess on the battlefields but also their great photography skills in capturing these amazing screenshots.

Well, we will be making it worth your while and rewarding you for those trigger happy 'print screen' moments. Enjoy your rewards!

[Results] [Forum Event] Daily Calendar Event

These players have risen up to our challenge and will be awarded with 500

1 Critical_Destoryer Ryuki_Omizuka Loplol TurtlePanzer Fly off a cliff in the training room!
2 Mcmole xeviouseS - notpk98ep Stack 3 tanks on top of each other to form a vertical line. Enemy tanks can be included.
3 fhoeben144 - bob88883 DarkHolyKid Hide in a bush. Your entire tank must be covered.
4 - - - - Survive with all modules damaged.
5 Zann sibainu zxr00000 ham559 During battle, enter "Welcome, Japanese Tanks!" in chat.
6 VN_kjng_176 you28 z9213122003 gambum Survive with 1 HP left!
7 - - - - Be the only one left in your team in a 15 vs 1 situation.
8 - - - - Form the letters "Chi-Ha" (dash included) with several types of tanks. Terrain should not be part of the word formation.