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Refer a Friend: Updates and Opportunities

Tank Commanders,

Several updates to the Refer a Friend program has been introduced:

  1. If you complete 100 battles in 60 days, you are granted Recruiter status. This status is now permanent for the account that you are playing on.

  2. Former Recruits can now become Recruiters too when they reach the 100-battles milestone – this wasn’t possible before.

  3. There is a third category of player – the inactive player. This is a player who has not logged in for 60 days prior to 4 June 2015 at 23:59 UTC. Players for whom this is the case can now be recruited in this program as well.

  4. E-mail invitations will now have a 'Read' status. If this appears for an invitation, it means that the e-mail has been opened by the receiver.

Got a friend that you desperately want to play with? Click here to send out your invites and begin the initiation.

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