Preview of the Month: October 2023


October marks the month of horror and mystery as Halloween looms near. What tricks or treats lie in wait for venturing tankers?

Don't forget to join Onslaught: Season of the Azure Pegasus and fight your way up the ranks for rewards before the event ends! Also, Mirny-13's mysteries will soon come to its culmination point. Explore the area and fight off inhabitants and bosses to reap prizes as mementos for braving through Mirny-13 and surviving!

More details below!


 Please note that the following events are subject to change without notice.

Onslaught: Season of the Azure Pegasus

Climb the ranks and reap rewards again with Onslaught! Gameplay improvements and features include Qualification (a new annual progression), three new battlefields, rebalancing some vehicle Role Skills, and removing artillery from the mode. 


Fight off the strange inhabitants in Mirny-13 as you explore the area. Find the truth in the trilogy's epic final chapter. Brace yourself for three different bosses. And complete quests for thrilling rewards!


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02 Oct - 09 Oct:
German Reunification Sale

We're celebrating German Unity Day with a selection of German vehicles and 3D styles on offer so you can roll out looking great for the occasion.


05 Oct - 05 Nov:
Top of the Tree - M-V-Y & WZ-132-1

Speed your way towards the top of the M-V-Y and WZ-132-1 tech trees with credit discounts, missions, and more!


06 Oct - 13 Oct:
Express Delivery

Need a quick distraction, swift scouting, or speedy support? Check these offers for some Tier VII-VIII rides.


12 Oct - 26 Oct:
A Mighty American Icon

Show off your superior strength in battle with this powerful medium tank and bounce those shells with sturdy spaced armor.


- 16 Oct:
Onslaught: Season of the Azure Pegasus

Explore new features, battlefields, role skills and battles without artillery. Bag lucrative rewards, such as Equipment, a brand-new progressive 2D style, stunning customizations, bonds, and more!


20 Oct - 27 Oct:
Backup Firepower On the Way!

This Tier VIII vehicle has a good gun to penetrate through thick armor while its allies keep tough customers busy.


- 13 Nov:
[Twitch Drops] New Token Store Mechanic

Watch and earn Twitch Drops tokens to exchange for in-game goodies! Players with WoT Premium Account gets more Tokens from each completed mission.


Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion
The latest chapter in the saga has hyper super weapons, 6v1 intense combat, 12 Premium and Reward vehicles you can obtain from the Engineer's Gates (including the brand-new KJPZ TIII Jäger), and more!


Mirny-13: Lost Hope
Play the exciting conclusion to the Mirny-13 trilogy! Join the co-op PvE mode and face-off against three different bosses in your quest for rewards!


Battle Pass: Season XII
Explore more of the supernatural world of Mirny-13! Learn the backstory of Mirny-13 and earn Tier IX reward vehicles and other cool prizes, including progressive 3D styles.

Roll out!