Preview of the Month: November 2022


The streets are a little livelier as APAC celebrates its many cultural events. Not to mention, many stores slash prices of their wares in November. It's definitely one of the best times for shoppers stock up on essentials to make upcoming gatherings and celebrations extra special for comrades and loved ones.

This month, don't miss the WOT 11.11 event with big sales and a special mission! Catch the action of epic 30v30 battles in Frontline Episode 3. And rank your way up the leaderboard in Onslaught for rewards before the mode's last day on 21 November!

More details below.


  • Get Ready for 11.11 (10th - 17th November)

    The 11.11 sale is back! Get exciting discounts on four Premium vehicles. Then, head in-game to complete a special mission for 11.11 customizations, and enjoy x5 XP for your First Victories!
  • Frontline Episode 3

    This epic massive battle format is returning! Fight it out in 30v30 battles, attack and defend pillboxes, use Combat Reserves at your disposal, and fight for supremacy! Ready for battles with a selection of four awesome Premium vehicles you can deploy in Frontline!
  • Onslaught (- 21st November)

    Try out this brand-new competitive game mode! Enjoy thrilling 7v7 matches in Tier X vehicles against opponents of similar ranks, explore vehicle Role Skills, fight your way through the leaderboard, and earn rewards - and bragging rights.

Important: The following events are subject to change without notice.

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1/11 - 8/11

01 Nov - 08 Nov: [Sale] Heavy Assault
Bring in the firepower with a Tier VIII tank destroyer and support your ally with a fierce Tier VIII medium autoloader! For Tier VI battles, take this medium tank with you for some fast-firing action.

1/11 - 1/12

01 Nov - 01 Dec: Peak Performance Missions
Time-limited daily missions that happen from 17:00-19:00 (UTC+11). Complete these missions for the following rewards: "German School" style, "Howling Wolf" decals, and "7" emblems.

2/11 - 9/11

02 Nov - 09 Nov:
Cultures in Asia Discounts & Missions

Give your vehicles elements of APAC culture with these customizations! Get them by completing missions. Also, look out for some crew discounts going at up to 50% off!

4/11 - 11/11

04 Nov - 11 Nov: [Sale] Demolition Force
Need some heavy firepower? We've got you. The Premium Shop will feature a Soviet tank destroyer and a British heavy tank. For firepower with a little more mobility, look out for a German medium tank with great DPM and top speed.

5/11 - 5/12

05 Nov - 05 Dec:
On track: Strv 103B & M48A5 Patton

Fast-track your progress towards the Strv 103B and M48A5 Patton tech trees with credit discounts, missions, and more!

6/11 - 13/11

06 Nov - 13 Nov: [Sale] Double Trouble
Get into the heat of battle with the power of a Chinese Tier VIII heavy tank. If support work and defending allies is your preferred playstyle, look out for the Tier VI British medium tank!

9/11 - 16/11

09 Nov - 16 Nov: Remembrance Day Promos
Mark Remembrance Day with World of tanks with dedicated missions! Complete them for consumables and personal reserves!

15/11 - 22/11

15 Nov - 22 Nov: [Sale] Backup is On the Way
Keep the pressure on enemies. A Soviet heavy tank is making its way over, led by a couple of reliable medium tanks.

~ 21/11

Until 21 Nov: Onslaught
This 7v7 Tier X mode is ending this month! Battle and make your way up the leaderboard for season rewards!

22/11 - 29/11

22 Nov - 29 Nov: [Sale] Tier VIII Duo
Every crime fighter needs a good partner. Cripple your enemies with a fast-aiming medium tank from the USA, then bring out the big guns with this German Tier VIII heavy tank and finish them!

23/11 - 01/12

23 Nov - 28 Nov: Black Friday Missions
24 Nov - 1 Dec: Black Friday Promotions

Complete missions for consumables and customizations. Also, check the Premium Shop for a collection of fabulous Tier VIIIs at discounts!

28/11 - 05/12

28 Nov - 5 Dec: [Sale] Trio of Doom
Pick your favorite way to orchestrate chaos in battle. There's a French powerhouse capable of high damage, a heavy tank from the USA tech tree with great gun handling, and a mobile Soviet medium tank.