Your new ANZ Community Contributors!

It is our great pleasure to announce our three new additions to the ANZ Community Contributor Program, please give a big congratulations to RaktajinoCJ and pr154! You can find them on their main platforms below!


The social CC focusing on viewer platoons and public content!


Hey, I'm CJ! I mainly stream more competitive styles of gameplay like Clan Wars, Advances and Tournaments, while also playing chill Random Battles.


Hey Tankers, welcome to World of Tanks with pr154! Video hasn't killed the blog yet, and I'll be using my Facebook Page to publish articles on current in-game events, how the average tanker can make the most of them and a shotgun spray of dank tank memes!

Check out PR154's Facebook Page here!

We’ve also completely revamped our Community Contributor HUB. You can always check here for the latest in our CC’s content channels, as well as links to their other channels and brief introductions for those you might not know about!

Interested in the Community Contributor Program?

We’re always looking for more Community Contributors to join the program! If you’re currently creating World of Tanks content and would like to be a part of the program, please click the button below and put in an application!

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