Preview of the Month: May 2023


Battles are heating up with more new mechanics happening in May. Take part in Onslaught and climb the leaderboard for customization rewards; complete your progress in Battle Pass Season X; and immerse in a new Recon Mission!

More details below!


 Please note that the following events are subject to change without notice.


Season of the Crimson Griffin blazes on with thrilling battles. Earn Rating Points and advance through the Leaderboard to get unique customization rewards!

Battle Pass

Battle Pass Season X ends on 30 May, so, don't forget to complete your progression because...

A brand new season of Battle Pass, coming right up! There are lots of valuable rewards for the reaping! Earn points and progress through the Stages to get as many rewards as you can.

Recon Mission - Random Events and Dynamic Cover

Experience fresh gameplay and new tactical opportunities on the battlefield.

  • Random events occur at a specific time and in specific areas of four maps. They can change the environment around you and the combat situation.
  • Dynamic Cover refers to various movable objects that you can use to protect against enemy fire. These include shipping containers, concrete blocks, and more.

Use these new mechanics to gain an advantage over your opponents!

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01 May - 01 June:
Late Night Fun & Peak Performance

Claim a unique bonus code and complete missions to get a style, decals, and emblems. Missions will be available for 2 hours daily. Successful completion grants you x2 XP! Choose carefully, only one bonus code can be claimed.


03 May - 12 May:
Path of Full Mastership Daily Missions and Sales

[In-Game] Journey through ancient Japan and battle for Training Scrolls which you can exchange for rewards at the Wayfarers' Inn.

[Premium Shop] Stock up on a classic Japanese vehicle to aid you on your adventures. New styles are also available for purchase should you need a disguise.


05 May - 12 May:
Inspired by Stealth

There's a special kind of satisfaction in catching up to enemies or landing crippling shots into their armor when they least expect it. The Premium Shop will feature a sneaky medium, a tank destroyer, and a small light tank.


05 May - 05 June:
Top of the Tree - Manticore & WZ 113G FT

Speed your way towards the top of the Manticore and WZ 113G FT tech trees with credit discounts, missions, and more!


08 May - 12 June:
May Drops Special

Fresh Twitch Drops are back in May! Watch your favorite drops-enabled streams on Twitch and unlock missions for Twitch Tokens. The Twitch Tokens you earned can be used to redeem rewards at the in-game Token Store.

16/5 - 23/5

16 May - 23 May:
Big Guns, Heavy Armor, and Speed

Pick your rides from this selection at the Premium Shop. Overpower your enemies, defend your allies, or keep enemy locations visible for your team.

23/5 - 30/5

23 May - 30 May:
Destruction Experts

Enemies detected? Give them a warm welcome with a medium tank and follow up with the guns of a heavy tank and tank destroyer. Check the shop for these three vehicles.


26 May - 02 June:
We've Got Company

Head to the Premium Shop for bundles including styles from another time and space.
You can also recruit special commanders who are familiar with the glories and chaos of war.

Roll out!