Preview of the Month: March 2023


In March, spring blossoms in several parts of the world. The lucky green shamrocks push their way up from the ground and mark the season for St. Patrick's Day! Look out for St Patrick's Day sales and activities.

There are also activities to celebrate International Women's Day in dedication to our inspiring comrades!

The latest Update 1.20 brings fresh content a new map, Battle Pass Season X, and an in-game "Tournaments" tab.

More details below!


 Please note that the following events are subject to change without notice.

Update 1.20

This launch will feature some exciting new content! Stay tuned for more details!

Battle Pass Season X

Watch out for this Battle Pass with lots of valuable rewards for the reaping! Earn points and progress through the Stages to get as many rewards as you can.

New Map: Oyster Bay

A tropical summer scene with sun, sand, and room for plenty of shelling. The Oyster Bay map was the second-place winner of the Recon Mission 2021 activities and will be playable in World of Tanks!

New Name: Fast On Track Top of the Tree

From March 2023 onwards, please note that Fast On Track specials have been renamed to Top of the Tree. Look out for Top of the Tree missions and deals to speed up your tech tree progress!


 Tap or hover over the images below to see more details about each event. You may wish to visit the desktop version of this site for the most optimal experience.

5/3 - 5/4

05 Mar - 05 Apr:
Top of the Tree: Maus & UDES 15/16

Enjoy the fast-track of researching vehicles from the Maus and UDES 15/16 line! Credit vehicles on these tech trees are going at up to 50% off! You can also purchase extra deals from the Premium Shop or in-game shop to speed up your progress.

8/3 - 13/3

08 Mar - 13 Mar:
International Women's Day

Wishing a happy International Women's Day to our comrades! Look out for special missions and sales dedicated to some of the most inspiring people in our lives.

10/3 - 17/3

10 Mar - 17 Mar:
[Sale] Dangerous Agents

Two tough heavies and a reliable light tank are ready to wreck some enemies on the battlefield.

12/3 - 19/3

12 Mar - 19 Mar:
[Sale] Headstrong Ally

An American vehicle has joined the party! Get this collector's piece on sale while you can.

16/3 - 20/3

16 Mar - 20 Mar:
St Patrick's Day

May your battles be great and your shots penetrate. Look out for deals at discounted rates!

20/3 - 20/5

20 Mar - 20 May:
Global Map Season 20

New season, new beginnings. It's time to rise, conquer, and emerge victorious on the Global Map. Join your clan to fight for supremacy and receive rewards!

23/3 - 30/3

23 Mar - 30 Mar:
The Boys Are Back!

Ride into battle for fun or for revenge! Obtain the fullest collection of The Boys content.

24/3 - 27/3

24 Mar - 27 Mar:
Medal of Honor

Achieve your medal of honor and get rewarded with consumables and personal reserves for exceptional performance!

24/3 - 31/3

24 Mar - 31 Mar:
[Sale] Agile Autoreloader

Use this tank to join the charge or support a flank. This Italian vehicle has shot versatility that is great for polishing off enemy HP.

31/3 - 3/4

31 Mar - 03 Apr:
Crew is Crucial

Earn consumables and personal reserves for your loyal crew! Also, keep them in shape with crew-related discounts and missions.

Roll out!