Preview of the Month: June 2022


We've reached the middle of the year and there's lots to look forward to in June! 

Earn some rewards in the new season of Battle Pass, fight for the right to be the last Commander/platoon standing in Steel Hunter, and a little something special for Father's Day.

More details below.

June 2022 Specials

Important: The following events are subject to change without notice.

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31 May 2022 - 30 Jun 2022:
Steel Hunter 2022

[In-Game] 20 steel vehicles battle it out to be the sole surviving commander or platoon!

31 May 2022 - 30 Aug 2022:
Battle Pass Season 8

[In-Game] Head into battle, complete chapters, and score Battle Pass points for rewards.

01 Jun 2022 - 13 Jun 2022:
 "The Boys" Sale

[Premium] Obtain the fullest collection of The Boys content complete with commanders Starlight and Queen Maeve.

03 Jun 2022 - 06 Jun 2022:
Weekend Challenge

[In-Game] Complete missions for essential battle supplies!

03 Jun 2022- 10 Jun 2022:
Dragon Boat Festival and Skorpion Sale

[Premium Shop] Featured vehicle: Rheinmetall Skorpion

[Special] Complete missions for oriental customizations.

05 Jun 2022 - 20 Jun 2022:
Fast On Track - E 100 and XM551 Sheridan

Enjoy free x5 XP daily missions and discounts on credit costs of vehicles

You can use gold to purchase the Fast on Track bundles in the In-Game Shop this month.

Purchasing the Premium Fast on Track bundles gives you 2 extra x5 XP daily missions.

06 Jun 2022 - 13 Jun 2022: Monthly Twitch Drops
Tune in to Twitch streams to collect Twitch Drop tokens which you can trade in for in-game rewards!

07 Jun 2022 - 14 Jun 2022: Vehicle Sale
[Premium Shop] Vehicles from Britain and Germany.

08 Jun 2022 - 15 Jun 2022: Primo Victoria Sale
[Premium Shop] This heavy metal hero is ready to put on a show in battle.

10 Jun 2022 - 14 Jun 2022:
[Missions] Choose Your Difficulty

[In-Game] Can you clear all 3 missions in 1 battle? Rewards await!

10 Jun 2022 - 17 Jun 2022:
Vehicle Sale

[Premium Shop] Featured vehicle: WZ-114

13 Jun 2022 - 26 Jun 2022:
Recon Mission

Play in three new maps and three revamped maps. Your feedback will help decide future maps in World of Tanks!

14 Jun 2022 - 21 Jun 2022:
Vehicle Sale

[Premium Shop] Featured vehicle: GSOR 1008, VK 75.01 (K), and FV1066 Senlac.

17 Jun 2022 - 24 Jun 2022: Vehicle Sale

[Premium Shop] Featured vehicle: CS-52 LIS, T-34-3, and T77.

17 Jun 2022 - 27 Jun 2022: Premium Sale
17 Jun 2022 - 21 Jun 2022: Father's Day Missions

[Premium Shop] Styles for Tiger II and E 75
[In-Game] Complete missions for dad-themed customizations!

21 Jun 2022 - 28 Jun 2022:
Vehicle Sale

[Premium Shop] Featured: Bisonte C45, T25 Pilot Number 1, and Type 62

24 Jun 2022 - 1 Jul 2022: Tankfest Sale & Missions

Tankfest is back with loads of Premium discounts and missions for extra XP!