Preview of the Month: July 2022


There's plenty of rewards for reaping. And they're happening in July!

Fight your way through Battle Pass Season VIII for customizations, and take part in the Global Map Summer Event for rewards!

More details below.


  • Challenge the top clans in the Global Map Summer Event for glory, fame, and shiny rewards!
  • Fight your way through Battle Pass Season VIII for 3D styles and commanders from the Warhammer 40,000 universe!
  • Earn Twitch Drop tokens to spend in the Twitch Drops Store in-game! Tune in to Twitch Channels with drops enabled to start earning your tokens.

Important: The following events are subject to change without notice.

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[Sale] 1 Jul - 8 Jul:
Enjoy vehicles from Czechoslovakia, USSR, and Germany.

[In-Game] 1 Jul - 5 Jul: Crew is Crucial missions
Look out for crew-related discounts. Also, keep your crew in shape with missions and be rewarded with consumables to keep your vehicle in top form!

1 Jul - 1 Aug: Monthly Twitch Drops
Tune into your favorite CCs playing World of Tanks to earn Twitch Drops tokens.

5 Jul - 5 Aug: On Track - FV4005 Stage II & UDES 15/16
Enjoy free x5 XP daily missions and discounts on credit costs of vehicles

You can use gold to purchase the Fast on Track bundles in the In-Game Shop this month. Purchasing the Premium Fast on Track bundles gives you 2 extra x5 XP daily missions.

5 Jul - 12 Jul: Star Festival
[Sale] Vehicles from Germany, USA, Sweden in discounted bundles.

[In-Game] Spend this Star Festival with your crew! Build them up with Crew XP and earn consumables when you complete missions.

[Sale] 8 Jul - 15 Jul: Fabulous Friday
Featuring vehicles from France and Germany.

[In-Game] 08 Jul - 12 Jul: Weekend Challenge Missions
Clear these challenges and be rewarded with consumables that keep your vehicle combat-ready!

11 Jul: 1.17.1 Release
Keep your eyes out for the latest game updates.

[Sale] 12 Jul - 19 Jul: Tank Sale
Check the Premium bundles for an American and French vehicle.

[Sale] 18 Jul - 25 Jul: Tank Sale
Enjoy discounts on vehicles from USSR and France.

[Sale] 22 Jul - 29 Jul: Tank Sale
Featured vehicles from France and America.

[Sale] 15 Jul - 22 Jul: Vehicles on Sale
Enjoy discounts on vehicles from USSR.

[In-Game] 15 Jul - 19 Jul: Team Effort Missions
Battle and complete missions for Personal Reserves!

[In-Game] 22 Jul - 26 Jul: Choose Your Difficulty Missions
Missions are sorted by vehicle class.
Pick a challenge you like to earn extra XP!

[Sale] 29 Jul - 05 Aug Vehicle Sale
Tank bundles from Sweden, Britain, and USSR.

[In-Game] 29 Jul - 02 Aug Wargaming Birthday Celebration
Enjoy in-game discounts of up to 50% off. Complete missions for lots of XP and more!

Global Map Summer Event
Battle against other clans and claim your fame, glory and exclusive event rewards!