Preview of the Month: January 2023

Happy New Year, Commanders!

While the year-end festivities of 2022 end and we enter 2023, there's a special glimmer of childhood fun in snowball fights that you can access through Arcade Cabinet! January promises more activities as we prepare to take on 2023 in full force.

Take a sneak peek below!


 Please note that the following events are subject to change without notice.

Take Full Advantage of All the Holiday Ops 2023 Benefits!  

The New Year is here, but the holiday spirit will live on for a while more, Commanders! Our festivities run until January 9, 2023, at 11:00 UTC+8, so you still have a week to complete some Holiday Ops to-dos! Be sure to reach Festive Atmosphere Level X to obtain all the valuable in-game rewards available within this event progression!

Experience Frosty Fun in Arcade Cabinet Mode

Arcade Cabinet returns with a couple of very fitting and suitably chill activities: Snowballs and Ice Age. Both sets of rules change the game’s physics for the sake of sheer light-hearted fun. The battles take place on six snow-covered maps in Tier VIII or Tier X vehicles.

Update 1.19.1: Take this Chance to Test-drive Chinese Brawlers from the Upcoming Heavy Branch!

Chinese heavy tanks are ready to storm the battlefield! All the new tanks feature strong hulls, well-sloped turret armor, and powerful guns with convenient depression angles. These advantages are counterbalanced, however, by their mediocre accuracy and long reload times. But the main gameplay hallmark of these new Chinese heavies is the jet booster mechanic, which is available for Tier VII–X vehicles. Let’s see how it works.

 Tap or hover over the images below to see more details about each event. You may wish to visit the desktop version of this site for the most optimal experience.

5/1 - 5/2

05 Jan - 05 Feb:
On Track: Rheinmetall Panzerwagen & Vz. 55

Enjoy the fast-track of researching vehicles from the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen and Vz. 55 line! Credit vehicles on these tech trees are going at up to 50% off! You can also purchase extra deals from the Premium Shop or in-game shop to speed up your progress.

6/1 - 9/1

06 Jan - 09 Jan:
Keep It Up! Missions

Keep it up! Because the weekend couldn't get any better! We have prepared some easy missions for you to enjoy and stock up on some consumables.

6/1 - 9/1

06 Jan - 09 Jan: Arcade Cabinet - Snowballs & Ice Age
Jump into a Tier VIII or X vehicle and engage in battle on six snow-covered maps in two fun modes. Using modified physics, shells become snowballs, and reduced traction sends vehicles sliding on the ice—often into enemies!

12/1 - 26/1

12 Jan - 26 Jan:
WG Challenge

Join in a special challenge where vehicles allowed all start with a T in their names. Participants who rank within 1-50th can earn a premium vehicle!

13/1- 20/1

13 Jan - 20 Jan:
Get Ready for Lunar New Year

Bring in the prosperity by playing 8 battles and ranking within top 10 by XP and receive attractive rewards! You can also purchase more at the in-game store!

18/1- 25/1

18 Jan - 25 Jan:
[Sale] Heavy Metal Heroes

These vehicles are ready to take the stage and put on a show in battle.

20/1 - 25/1

20 Jan - 25 Jan: Lunar New Year Celebrations
Spring clean your unused XP and convert them to Free XP to research your desired vehicles! There's a discount on XP to Free XP conversion. Also, enjoy up to 50% off some in-game goodies!

25/1 - 1/2

25 Jan - 01 Feb:
[Sale] Tanks from Another Universe

Two iconic vehicles are ready to fight for freedom and have made their way to the Premium Shop.

25/1 - 30/1

25 Jan - 30 Jan:
Australia Day Celebrations

Planning on spending Australia Day on the battlefield with some friends? Why not roll out with some good ol' Aussie vehicles?

27/1 - 5/2

27 Jan - 05 Feb: [Sale] Team of Tier VIIIs
Overcome all obstacles with the power of comradeship! Get four vehicles at a discount - a support medium tank, a breakthrough heavy tank, a sniper tank destroyer, and a versatile light tank.


Roll out!