Preview of the Month: February 2023

Dearest Commanders!

February is the month of love and your crew are looking forward to making more fun memories together with you! There's plenty of opportunities to earn chocolates for your crew through completing missions, tuning into Twitch for Drops, or purchasing Valentine's Day bundles from the Premium Shop.

This month, look out for Battle Pass Season X and a new update release!

See you in battle!

With Love,

From World of Tanks


 Please note that the following events are subject to change without notice.

Battle Pass Season X

Watch out for this Battle Pass with lots of valuable rewards for the reaping! Earn points and progress through the Stages to get as many rewards as you can.

Update 1.20

This launch will feature some exciting new content! Stay tuned for more details and get ready to join the Common Test!


 Tap or hover over the images below to see more details about each event. You may wish to visit the desktop version of this site for the most optimal experience.

1/2 - 6/2

01 Feb - 06 Feb:
[Sale] Lantern Festival Customization
Remember the good times of Lunar New Year festivities with the "Lantern Festival" 2D Style. Get yours at the Premium Shop!

5/2 - 5/3

05 Feb - 05 Mar:
On Track: T-100 LT & T110E5

Enjoy the fast-track of researching vehicles from the T-100 LT and T110E5 line! Credit vehicles on these tech trees are going at up to 50% off! You can also purchase these deals from the Premium Shop or in-game shop to speed up your progress.

5/2 - 12/2

05 Feb - 12 Feb:
Waitangi Day Commemorations

Redeem your bonus code and take on Waitangi Day missions to earn New-Zealand-themed customizations. Don't forget to check the Premium Shop for available deals too!

6/2 - 8/5

06 Feb - 08 May:
Monthly Twitch Drops

Need more Twitch Drops tokens? Check the missions available! Accumulate your tokens and spend them on valuable items at the Twitch Drops Store in-game!

10/2 - 17/2

10 Feb - 17 Feb:
[Sale] Valentine's Day

Surround yourself with Löwe sweet Löwe, its friends, and lovely customizations this Valentine's Day!

15/2 - 22/2

15 Feb - 22 Feb:
[Sale] Power and Mobility

These three metal beasts are ready to crush your enemies! Shall we outmaneuver or outgun the enemy? The choice is yours.

16/2 - 26/2

16 Feb - 26 Feb:
Carnival 2023 Missions

The Carnival Parade is on! Enjoy the high spirits of the festival with these battle missions. Complete them to earn lots of consumables and colorful customizations!

19/2 - 26/2

19 Feb - 26 Feb:
[Sale] Double-Barreled Chaos

Have twice the fun when you fire both guns for massive alpha damage. This tank has the firepower to make a memorable entrance in a showdown.

27/2 - 6/3

27 Feb - 6 Mar:
[Sale] Mighty Menaces

Shred some armor and soak some damage for the team with these heavy tanks from Sweden and China. Is speed your idea of power? There's a light tank from the USSR tech tree too!

Roll out!