Fair Play Update: February 2023


To improve your game experience, here are the actions we've taken on the Asia server in the last months to keep our game fair and clean:

  • 4604 accounts permanently banned for botting (view the full list of accounts banned for botting here)

If you believe you have been incorrectly banned by the recent wave, you may contact Player Support.

Reports submitted via the Player Support page are being processed individually by our team and will not be reflected in the list of banned accounts shown on this page. Please rest assured that all rule violations will be dealt with appropriately in due course.

Some accounts were removed from the list as these accounts were phished and used for botting. Remember to NOT go to unfamiliar/malicious links shared to you. If you have accidentally went to these websites, do a virus scan and change your passwords for both Wargaming.Net ID and e-mail account.

Please be aware that using bots is not permitted by our Game Rules:

  • 5.07 Using bots, clickers, macros, keyboard and mouse recorders, or any other similar methods that enables gameplay without the participation or with passive participation of the player within the battle.

Players who use bots (programs that imitate user actions in the game), clicker apps, and other similar methods of imitating user activity are violating the Game Rules. Having found such a violation, Player Support specialists will block the violator from accessing the game immediately.

Let’s play fair and enjoy the game responsibly!