Preview of the Month: December 2022

Winter is coming, Commanders!

We've got a full month of festive merriment lined up to get you in the holiday spirit: seasonal events, exclusive offers, and special streams (with Twitch Drops, to boot). Check out all the details below!


 Please note that the following events are subject to change without notice.

Celebrate the Season with the Holiday Ops Event

As always, the annual Holiday Ops celebrations from December 1, 2022 through January 9, 2023 promise a grand feast of special missions, festive customizations, and wonderful gifts all round. You'll also have a chance to recruit celebrity commanders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich for your vehicles, as well as our very own female APAC Commander, Wendy Han!

Claim Your Well-Deserved Reward

World of Tanks has come a long way thanks to our players’ passion and dedication, and every tanker who started their career by November 29, 2022, is eligible for a gift of appreciation from the team. The present will be available from November 30, 2022, and you can claim it through November, 2023.

Experience Frosty Fun in Arcade Cabinet Mode

Arcade Cabinet, our experimental platform, will return in late December with a new round of winter joys and weekend battles with unusual rules. Perfect timing for seasonal hijinks with friends, even as the weather outside turns cold—stay tuned for more details!

 Tap or hover over the images below to see more details about each event. You may wish to visit the desktop version of this site for the most optimal experience.

30/11 - 11/12

30 Nov - 11 Dec:
Watch Holiday Ops Live Streams and Win Large Boxes!

Holiday season is officially here! Join the Wargaming team on official live streams as they open Large Boxes, and you might just be lucky enough to win 10 Large Boxes for yourself. Plus, catch World of Tanks Twitch streams to claim seasonal Twitch Drops!

2/12 - 9/1

02 Dec 2022 - 09 Jan 2023:
Special Holiday Offers

Give your Garage the gift of extra firepower with six awesome limited-time holiday offers! Check back every week to see what's in stock.

5/12 - 16/1

05 Dec 2022 - 16 Jan 2023:
Holiday Ops Festive Drops

Want even more goodies? The Twitch Drops Store will feature a choice selection of holiday-themed rewards during this period, so be sure to tune in and celebrate the season with your favorite Community Contributors!

5/12 - 5/1

05 Dec 2022 - 05 Jan 2023:
On Track: FV217 Badger + Type 5 Heavy

Fast-track your progress towards the Strv 103B and M48A5 Patton tech trees with credit discounts, missions, and more!

2/12- 9/1

02 Dec 2022 - 09 Jan 2023:
WG Challenge (Holiday Edition)

Participate in this month's WG Challenge and start earning your way towards a treasure trove of rewards including Large Boxes and customizations. You'll also have the chance to recruit the newest APAC female crew member, Wendy Han!


15 Dec 2022:
Join the Winter Wendy Cup!

You don't know speed until you've seen commander Wendy on the tarmac. Catch the WG staff and CCs on streams in this fun holiday EBR race and stand a chance to win one of three zippy light tanks for your collection—if you can keep up, that is!

16/12 - 2/1

16 Dec 2022 - 02 Jan 2023:
Grab the Panzer Claus 3D Style!

This 7v7 Tier X mode is ending this month! Battle and make your way up the leaderboard for season rewards!

23/12 - 27/12

23 Dec 2022 -27 Dec 2022:
Xmas Fever Discounts and Missions

There's no fever quite like Christmas fever! Keep things toasty this winter season with a grand feast of holiday discounts and special missions granting consumables and festive customizations.

30/12 - 3/1

30 Dec 2022 - 03 Jan 2023:
Get Ready for 2023!

It's time to say goodbye to 2022 and welcome 2023! Start your journey in the new year with special missions for crew XP and other battle essentials, and prepare for a great year of fresh beginnings.


Roll out!