ANZ Periphery Server Timing Changes

Tank Commanders,

Please be informed that the ANZ periphery server will have its uptime schedule changed on 13th August 2018.

While the change will occur on the 13th, the ANZ server will remain on a 24hr uptime basis until 14th August 04:00 AEST (02:00 UTC+8), after which the server will adhere to the new schedule as follows:

Mondays to Thursdays

From 15:00 AEST (13:00 UTC+8) to 04:00 AEST (02:00 UTC+8) daily.

Fridays to Mondays

24 Hr uptime from Friday 15:00 AEST (13:00 UTC+8) to Monday 04:00 AEST (02:00 UTC+8).