In-game Store and Premium Shop Payment Issues [Updated]

UPDATE: The issues have now been resolved. Thank you for your patience!


After the release of Update 1.13, we’re facing some difficulties processing purchases both in the in-game Store, and in the Premium Shop. This includes transactions made as part of the Battle Pass event.

We’re aware of these issues and are working on them.

As a temporary solution, Tour of Duty activity has been disabled to restore all purchases that have been made. To collect any items purchased with cash, simply re-login. If you have purchased items using gold, or still experience purchase issues, please contact our Player Support team. After deactivating Tour of Duty, all purchases can be made as usual.

All current Tour of Duty missions can still be completed, but you will neither be able to track your progress nor get rewards. Mission rewards will be credited to your accounts when Tour of Duty is reactivated (possibly with some delay).

We thank you for your patience and understanding.