Documentary: T-34 (Full Video)

The T-34 is a legendary vehicle whose name resounded throughout Europe during World War II. Even today, it is probably one of the most recognizable tanks due to its unique profile - every schoolboy in the former USSR would have been able to recognize it. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of T-34s left, and even those have seen better days. But things can be changed.

It is our pleasure to unveil a new documentary film about this particularly famous piece of Soviet machinery. Created by Slava Makshun - an employee of Wargaming - this video tells about the renovation of the tank model T-34-76 (1943) undertaken by three experienced professionals from Belarus . The uniqueness of this project is the fact that almost all the parts used in restoring the tank had been produced during WWII itself. Despite that, the specialists were exceedingly successful in completely restoring the tank to a serviceable state.

The video focuses not so much on the technical aspects of restoration process, but much more on the passion and attitude that hobbyist conservators possess towards their favorite pastime.

Director: Slava Makshun

Sound Engineer: Slava Makshun

Camera Director: Slava Makshun

Cameraman: Ilya Kluisha, Aleksei Verhovinskiy, Slava Makeychik

Film Editor: Slava Makshun