Happy Lunar New Year!

Let's have a roaring good time in the Year of the Tiger, with a New Year Marathon for a brand new Tier IX Premium Tank!


The Hidden Tiger Marathon

Event Dates:
January 28 at 09:00 (UTC+8) through February 07 at 09:00 (UTC+8)


Hunt Down the Mighty WZ-114!

This Lunar New Year Marathon features the WZ-114, the second Tier IX Premium Tank in the game!

The hunt for the mighty WZ-114 will last 10 days. To get this Tier IX Premium for free, you will need to complete 10 consecutive Stages in Chapter I in Random Battles.

Chapter I: Shadow of the Predator


Missions for commitment
These missions may take a longer time, but are generally easier to complete. Remember: these missions must be performed using Tier VI–X vehicles and misison results will only count if you finish in the top 10 on your team by XP earned at the end of the battle, no matter whether your team wins or loses.
Missions for mastery
These missions are trickier, and more complex, but will save you time if you have the skills for it. These missions must be performed using Tier VI–X vehicles.




The Mighty WZ-114
No matter which path you take, the prize at the end is the same: the brand-new WZ-114.

The WZ-114 is a well-armored heavy tank with a menacing 130 mm gun. With a respectable 530 HP of alpha damage, 266 mm of armor penetration with standard AP shells, and decent frontal armor. It serves its role as a frontline assault tank well.


Chapter Rewards

Regardless of the path you end up taking, each completed Stage will bring you rewards! Not to forget additional goodies from completing Chapter II Stages in your brand-new WZ-114!


Lunar New Year Raffle!

Event Dates:
January 24 at 14:00 (UTC+8) through February 08 at 14:00 (UTC+8)

Win a battle and rank top 10 in your team by XP earned to win yourself a raffle ticket!

Each ticket gives you a chance to win one of 888 prizes!
Winners will be announced later in February so look out for that article.

8 lucky players will receive the grand prize of the Tier VIII Premium Type 59 with 100% Crew and Garage Slot!

*Note: Players who already own the Type 59 will have the prize replaced with 180 days WoT Premium Account (worth 13,500 gold)




Additional Blessings!

As an additional treat this Lunar New Year, we're offering a discount on XP to Free XP conversion at:
1 gold = 40 Free XP
On your first win of the day! And 50% off these items:
5x XP boost
Garage Slots


Get the WZ-114 Now!

Running out of time to complete the Hidden Tiger Marathon? Or just can't wait to play with the WZ-114? Head straight for the Premium Shop and purchase the whole bundle! It will also give you instant access to the Chapter II missions with additional rewards.

Remember, each completed stage gives a discount on its respective bundle!
Hidden Tiger Bundle
WZ-114, 2D style "Striped Predator", Chapter I rewards, and more!
3D style bundle
3D style "Tiger Claw", 14 days WoT Premium Account, and more!
Premium Account Discount
Get 30 or 90 days of WoT Premium Account at 10% off!


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