Strongholds Public Test Information

Tank Commanders!

This Public Test in preparation of Update 9.3's deployment will also include the newest version of Strongholds. New functions will be presented, along with some current changes to already existing ones.

Strongholds is a game mode for clan members. Similar to clan-owned properties, it consists of a virtual Command Center and several additional buildings and zones. A clan's Stronghold can be accessed in the game client and is not connected with the Global Map.

About the Strongholds Public Test

Here is a list of main features included in the Strongholds feature for the Public Test of Update 9.3:

  • Ability to create a Stronghold and upgrade it to Level 10.
  • Ability to build Stronghold structures that produce special 'Reserves' (bonuses) and upgrade them to Level 10.
  • Ability to participate in Skirmishes to gain Industrial Resources with a x5 income rate.
  • Ability to set 'Defending Period' for a Stronghold.
  • All Strongholds content on the live server will also be available.
    • In Update 9.3, we are planning to release new clan positions and rework operations that are currently available according to current positions players have in their clans. More detailed information will be shared in the near future.

Note: There are no player limits for participation of Strongholds Battles. Players can enter a battle alone or with a clanmate.

Strongholds Public Test Information

  1. The Public Test will be available to all players who have registered their accounts before 29th September 2014.
  2. If a player has changed his login password shortly before 29th September 2014, he or she will be able to log in to the Public Test server with their previous password.
  3. Only clans that were registered before 29th September 2014 will be able to participate in the Public Test. Do note that all clan tags will be changed randomly during the Public Test.
  4. It is possible for players without a clan to create a test clan or join an existing one on the Public Test server.
  5. Creating a test clan can be done for free for non-clan players. Please visit this link for more details.
  6. All functions including clan operations, clan creation and assigning new positions will be available via the test portal.

Additional Notes

Note: All changes described are applicable for the Public Test client only.

  • Players must log in to the Public Test game client before performing any clan operations.
  • All changes with Clans will not be carried over to the regular servers upon conclusion of the Public Test.
  • Special changes for Strongholds on Public Test server:
    • Any clan member can create a Stronghold.
    • All clan tags will be renamed (clans will receive a random tag).
    • All buildings will be created as Level 4 by default.
    • The Command Center will be created as Level 4 by default and will contain enough resources to upgrade to Level 5.
    • Any clan member can set the 'Defending Period' for the Stronghold.
    • Any clan member can attack an enemy Stronghold.
    • Skirmishes will yield a x5 income rate.
    • The 48-hour cooldown timer to change a clan will be disabled on the Public Test server.

Create a Test Clan here

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