Recruit Training Lesson Plan

Be a Tank Ace today!

Greetings! If you're seeing this page, it means you've been selected as part of an exclusive Recruit Training program in World of Tanks. As you complete your first battles, we'll show you a total of 10 pop-up screens, each with a basic summary of topics that you'll definitely find helpful.

Missed a lesson or need a recap? Just bookmark this page and you'll be able to browse the supplementary materials listed in the Lesson Plan (more about this later).

By the end of the 10th lesson, you'll have learnt enough to start becoming a competent tank commander and be an asset to your team in battle.

Check out the Lesson Plan below to see what we'll be teaching you in the battles to come, or browse the Tank Academy for more in-depth articles about various game mechanics.

Good luck!

Lesson Plan

Lesson No. Title Summary Supplementary Materials
1 Bootcamp Welcome to World of Tanks! The Bootcamp tutorial is the best way to start learning how to play the game. Bootcamp Overview
2 On the Road to Glory Continue with the advanced Briefing missions and complete them all for a FREE Tier VI vehicle of your choice. Advanced Training Overview
3 Vehicle Classes Did you know that there are up to five vehicle classes in World of Tanks, each requiring different playstyles? Vehicle Classes Guide
4 Tank Nations The numerous tech trees and 500 vehicles can be overwhelming, but it's important to pick one you like and stick with it. Tank Academy: Nations Overview
5 Vehicle Modules Your brand new tank is dangerous enough, but you'll need to research more modules before it becomes a true war machine. Tank Academy: Modules and Equipment
6 Ammunition Types Some bullets are just better at blowing up certain tanks than others. We give you a quick guide on what's available for use. World of Tanks Wiki: Ammunition (English Only)
7 Equipment Modules make your tank move faster and deal more damage, but you'll need equipment to sharpen its responsiveness in battle.


Tank Academy: Modules and Equipment

8 Advanced Equipment Tactics Every equipment is useful, but some equipment combinations are more effective than others depending on what role you play.
9 Personal Reserves Earn more EXP and Credits to unlock vehicles and modules faster with this unique consumable item. N/A
10 Gold, Credits and You Not only does it buy ammo, equipment and new tanks, credits (and gold) can improve your experience... if you know how to use it. World of Tanks Economics