Clan Tasks on the Global Map

Clan tasks are special tasks that clans can receive under certain conditions. Tasks can be granted, for example, after creating a clan, at the start of a new day, after completing a previous task and so on. A reward may take the form of in-game gold to be granted to the clan treasury or unique emblems, inscriptions and camouflages for players.

The clan tasks are available for a period of time which is determined by the referencing prime-time. The prime-time can be set in two ways:

  • Automatic (by default) – reference prime-time counts as a prime-time for last captured province.
  • Manual – Clan Commanders can choose convenient reference prime-time for their clans.

Types of Tasks

Expedition - a linear chain of clan tasks, which can be undertaken directly on the Global Map. At each step of the expedition, the clan must capture a certain province no later than specified time. After successfully completing a task, the clan has a chance to get a following task with greater reward. However, the continuation is not guaranteed, and if the task does not appear, the expedition will end.

The reward for participating in expeditions could vary from in-game gold to unique clan content, which will be credited to each player, not to a whole clan. This could be a special tank inscription, emblem or camouflage. A tank with special appearance will tell the players from other clans about your battle achievements on Global Map.

Expedition's Stages
Probability of getting a task
Special Award
Phase 1 80% Randomly selected tank description
Phase 2 80% Randomly selected tank logo
Phase 3 80% 9,000 to the Clan Treasury
Phase 4 80% Clan tank camouflage
Phase 5 80% 12,000 to the Clan Treasury
Phase 6 80% 14,000 to the Clan Treasury
Phase 7 80% 'Digital' clan camouflage
Phase 8 80% 16,000 to the Clan Treasury
Phase 9 80% 20,000 to the Clan Treasury
Phase 10 80% 25,000 to the Clan Treasury

After completing a whole chain of tasks within an expedition, a clan will get 96,000to the clan treasury, a unique inscription, a tank logo and two camouflages as a reward

Examples of unique rewards for taking part in expeditions on Global Map:

Collapse Expand


Collapse Expand


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Scenario - a sequence of different tasks that can be performed right after creating a clan. Clans gain new tasks whenever a previous task is complete. Scenarios are arranged in a "tree" format; at any certain moment, you can choose one of the several available options, which, in their turn, leads to a separate chain of tasks.


Scenario Name
Zero Hour Enroll no less than 15 chips in the clan N/A
First Damage Score 10,000 EXP in landing battles 250
Breakthrough Win a landing tournament or revolt 500
March of Triumph: Part 1 Gain 10 victories in landing battles or revolts 500
March of Triumph: Part 2 Gain 50 victories in landing battles or revolts 2,500
Invasion: Part 1 Capture a province with an income of 240or more 250
Invasion: Part 2 Capture a province with an income of 480or more 500
Invasion: Part 3 Capture a province with an income of 960or more 1,000
Invasion: Part 4 Capture a province with an income of 2,400or more 2,500
The Rule of the Gun: Part 1 Capture 2 provinces and hold them for 48 turns 1,000
The Rule of the Gun: Part 2 Capture 3 provinces and hold them for 72 turns 2,500

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a clan task? Why do we need it?
    • Clan Tasks are a new opportunity to get bonuses for clans and a way for new clans to get acquainted with the Global Map.
  • What are the different types of clan tasks? How do they differ?
    • Clan tasks come in two types: Expeditions and Scenarios. Scenarios are available after clan creation and allow clans to get acquainted with the Global Map mechanics. Expeditions can be activated for any clan by capturing the provinces on Global Map.
  • What will be available as a reward for tasks?
    • As a reward for scenario tasks, a clan will be able to enlarge its treasury with gold. For expeditions, a clan can - other than gold - also get unique inscriptions, emblems and camouflage for vehicles.
  • Will I be able to refuse to perform clan tasks?
    • Yes, clan tasks can be skipped without any penalties.
  • Can I get more than one expeditionary task?
    • No. Only one task could be active at a time.
  • Who can activate a clan task?
    • Clan tasks are activated automatically.
  • Do I have to participate in clan tasks to get a reward? If a player has joined a clan while a clan task is in progress, could he get a reward?
    • Awards for expeditions will be available for those players of the clan who took part in battles on Global Map during a task. So if a player joins a clan and participates in clan battles during the process of completing a task, the award will be available for him or her.
  • If a clan player in one clan was involved in completing the tasks and received the award, can he perform the same tasks in another clan and get a reward again?
    • Yes, he can.
  • If I take part in completing a clan task, but left the clan before the task was completed, will I receive the award as a participant?
    • No. To receive the reward, it is necessary to be enrolled in the clan at the time of task completion.
  • Would it be possible to apply the awarded camouflage or inscription on different tanks?
    • Awarded camouflage, emblems or inscriptions can be applied to only one tank. To put them on another tank, you will have to participate in the task and receive the award.
  • What happens if I do not use the camouflage or inscription and get another one of the same reward?
    • New camouflage will always replace the old one in your depot, so the previous reward will be lost.

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