Character Profile: Klara


  • Age: 21
  • Career experience: 2 years
  • Preferred vehicle: Rhm. Borsig Waffenträger
  • Combat style: Long Range Direct Fire Support
"It's a hard life as an Armoured Persona... but I honestly enjoy it. It’s like I’ve finally found a place where I feel comfortable enough to live in." — Klara

Klara serves as the sniper for the Gun Striders. Seated within her Rhm. Borsig Waffenträger amidst deep cover, she scans the horizon closely and waits for a target to show up before putting it in her sights…

Piloting a tank destroyer requires a combination of skill, discipline and patience. The Gun Striders as a whole possess the first two qualities equally, but the third one is undeniably missing for some of them. Klara is the most patient of them all in this regard, which makes her an ideal choice as the pilot of the Waffenträger.




At first glance, one would assume that Klara is a soft-spoken girl... and they would be right. A closet geek that loves to engage in philosophical discussions and interactive entertainment, Klara has no love for the outdoors unlike her colleague Arlette, nor does she desire the company of large crowds as Mikhail does.

Instead, she spends her time playing videogames, reading books and just using the internet in general. Klara might be an intensely private person on most days, but the girl always has a kind word for a friend and would never hesitate to help, especially if it’s a problem that she’s most qualified to fix.