Character Profile: Elenor


  • Age: 27
  • Career experience: 3 years
  • Preferred vehicle: FV304
  • Combat style: Indirect Fire Support
"Some women worry about chipping their nails if they do things like this. 'Ooh, but muh paint'. Here's the secret, honey: just reapply them after the battle. Bam, done." — Elenor

There has been more than one occasion when the Gun Striders find themselves pinned in a corner with nowhere to run. Severely outgunned, they retreat ever so slowly, hoping for salvation.

Moments before their opponent forces them off a cliff or to charge into certain destruction, it arrives: an explosive shell sent from the heavens, detonating ammunition racks and disabling tracks. With the coast finally clear, the team is saved and they proceed to win the battle.

Just a couple miles away from that engagement, Elenor sits back and basks in the words of appreciation from her grateful comrades. All in a day's work.