Character Profile: Arlette


  • Age: 20
  • Career experience: 2 years
  • Preferred vehicle: AMX 13 90
  • Combat style: Scout, Skirmisher
"Waiting around isn't my thing. It's much more fun to run circles around them." — Arlette

As the Gun Striders' youngest member, Arlette is the team's reconnaissance specialist and resident daredevil. Her duties include spotting enemy positions and disrupting their positions with harassing fire, although her reckless nature has resulted in more than a few uncomfortable close encounters throughout her fighting career.

The AMX 13 90 is Arlette's weapon of choice. Armed with admirable speed and a capable gun, this tank offers the perfect mix of mobility and firepower to suit her fondness for highly aggressive manoeuvres.




Arlette thrives on fun. Ride a bike? No problem. Skydive? Yes please. Board game night? Maybe, but only if there's nothing else on. Witty, cheerful and always up for a laugh, she's usually the life of the party even when she's not trying.

This 20-year old is fond of making loud entrances and making her presence known. To ignore her is an offence, and the punishment: relentless teasing. Pranks, jokes, childish mimicking are just some of the few things in her arsenal guaranteed to drive even the most patient saints utterly mad.

Despite her intensely sunny disposition, some say that a more tempered girl exists beyond the public eye. If anyone were to know for sure, it would be the Gun Striders themselves.

Performance Assessment

Spectators in any given battle would usually see Arlette's light tank darting about on the frontlines, simultaneously reconnoitring and skirmishing against enemy positions in a running firefight. Her mastery of rocky terrain is nothing short of miraculous, but urban environments in contrast are her Achilles heel due to her disappointing sense of direction.

For the primary scout of the Gun Striders, speed is life. Arlette displays a passion for driving at full speed whenever possible, usually towards or around the opposing team. Once her enemies are located, she relays the information to her teammates while she fires the opening shots.

In terms of combat ability, the exceptional speed of Arlette's AMX 13 90 serves as a highly agile firing platform for its gun, which she tends to use liberally while speeding around her target in a high-speed flanking manoeuvre. Although this bold tactic has proven to be successful on more than one occasion, executing it still confers a certain element of risk.


Born in Nice, France as a single child to parents Denise and Paul, Arlette was a hyperactive child growing up, spending her days racing along the beaches of Nice on her bicycle or going on walks with the family dog after school.

Interviewed childhood friends often speak of her inquisitive and mischievous nature, brought about by the barrage of pranks she constantly pulled (and mostly got away with). By all accounts however, these practical jokes were mostly harmless, if not mildly irritating.

The unforeseen death of her parents in an automobile accident proved to be a terrible blow to Arlette, who was the sole survivor of the crash. Orphaned and paralysed at the age of 13, she suddenly found herself in the care of her mother’s sister, who by all accounts proved incapable as her niece’s legal guardian.

Several years passed before Arlette registered herself as an Armoured Persona. The reasons surrounding that decision remain in secret, but the ever-grinning Arlette of today has clearly moved on from her tragic past.