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Play Clan Wars for Global Domination

Battle with top players

World of Tanks' top clans join battles on the Global Map.

Earn gold

Capture provinces that may provide a daily income to your clan Treasury.

Receive awards

Global Map events allow you to earn unique awards and achievements.

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Metal Wars

  • Event finished

Bring your sharpest steel to the fight, for the Metal Wars on the Global Map are about to begin! Event dates: 29 June 2020, 05:00 UTC +8 - 13 July 2020, 05:00 UTC +8

Season 15

  • End date can be changed.
Maximum vehicle Tier X
Front name Central Front
Status Available
Players on a team 15
Average province income per day 41
Battle time 15 min
Average Elo rating

Average rating of clans that own provinces on the Front

1,020 (X)
Average minimum bid

Average amount of influence spent to participate in a landing auction on the Front

Average winning bid

Average amount of influence spent by clans that won recent auctions on the Front

Cost of a Division

Amount of influence spent to organize a Division

Vehicle lock

Vehicles destroyed in battles are locked from the Global Map for a specific period of time

Modules available

Additional modules and Combat Reserves for Divisions that can be used on the Global Map and in World of Tanks

  • Chemical Defense Battalion
  • Chemical Defense Battalion

  • Sapper Battalion
  • Sapper Battalion

  • Engineer Battalion
  • Engineer Battalion

  • Aerial Reconnaissance Squadron
  • Aerial Reconnaissance Squadron